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      For Component and Parts Suppliers

      Integrated Warranty Solution for Component and Parts Suppliers

      Integrate with OEM Warranty Portal for efficient and timely communication of warranty data, Import claims from OEMs in different formats (Excel, CSV, XML, JSON)

      Suppliers face increased warranty costs as OEMs expect the component and part suppliers to take more responsibility for parts design and warranty cost-sharing.

      Mize Warranty Management enables suppliers at all tiers to:

      • Process Warranty Claims and Part Returns from OEMs or Distributor/Dealer network efficiently
      • Reduce detection to correction cycle time through Early Warning System (EWS) and effective Root Cause Analysis
      • Collaborate with OEMs and their dealer network to reduce warranty incidents and No-Trouble-found (NTF) issues


      Warranty Connect Process


      Mize Warranty Software helps you to Optimize Warranty Management by enabling you to:

      • Import claims from OEMs in different formats (Excel, CSV, XML, JSON)
      • Integrate with OEM Warranty Portal for efficient and timely communication of warranty data
      • Receive and process images, videos, and rich diagnostic data
      • Allow online Claim entry by distributors and dealers.
      • Manage Part Returns (RMA) and capture inspection results on returned parts
      • Track and report on NTF (No Trouble Found) issues.
      • Analyze warranty data to gain insights to determine the root cause of issues

      Warranty integrated with SAP offers an easy-to-use, cost-effective warranty solution that can be deployed faster.

      • Ease of Use: The warranty portal provides a simple user interface for entering all types of claims, checking status, and process RMAs
      • Cost-effective: Mize offers a simple cloud-based subscription model (SaaS), reducing the cost of hardware, software licenses, maintenance, support, and hosting.
      • Accelerated deployment: warranty and SAP Connector allow you to deploy an integrated warranty solution within a few weeks instead of waiting years.

      Mize offers a cost-effective and robust warranty solution with:

      • A cloud-based warranty software with a simple subscription model reduces upfront investment in software, hardware, and implementation services.
      • Pre-defined Connectors to integrate with OEMs, ERP systems
      • Support for Industry Best Practices and Standards to improve communication and collaboration among all stakeholders in the Warranty Chain

      Mize Warranty Smart Blox



      Request a Demo of Mize Warranty Software now to learn how you can realize measurable warranty improvements.




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