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      Mize Warranty Smart Blox




      Reduce Warranty Cost While Driving Improvements in Product Quality and Brand Experience

      Warranty Management: Control Costs, Streamline Reporting, Improve Quality

      Reduce costs and increase service revenues by optimizing warranty management with the Mize Warranty Smart Blox. The streamlined system allows all stakeholders, from manufacturers and suppliers to service providers and end-users, to collaborate to reduce warranty expenditures, improve product quality, and enhance the customer experience.

      Warranty Smartblox Customer Central


      Warranty Management 

      Warranty management improves the warranty data quality and integrity by validating all aspects of claims with extensive business rules and incorporating data feeds from mobile and diagnostic devices directly into the claim forms.

      Next Generation Warranty Claim Processing

      The solution manages the authorization of returns, generation of Return Material Authorizations (RMA/RGA), and tracking of returns. The solution enables manufacturers and suppliers to collaborate on reducing warranty costs by managing supplier warranties for components and parts.

      The Warranty Smart Blox enables global companies to:

      • Automate claim processing based on business rules and automatically minimize data entry by retrieving customer, product, and warranty information.

      • Manage various claim types, including; standard, extended, parts, and used product warranties, as well as campaigns/recalls and goodwill.

      • Integrate with Financial, ERP, and other enterprise systems using standard web services to enable seamless end-to-end warranty processes.

      • Enhance business performance, reduce warranty and service contract costs, and improve product quality through warranty analytics, fraud detection, and predictive analytics.


      Reduce warranty costs 15% or more by streamlining processes, eliminating duplicate data entry, and automating claim adjudication

      Achieve 80% or more in automated claims processing efficiency

      Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with an easy-to-implement solution powered by scalable cloud architecture

      Increase revenues and profitability from maintenance, service, and parts

      Increase supplier recovery to 40-60% of total warranty cost

      Reduce manual efforts involved in claims entry by integrating with service order systems


      Warranty Capabilities

      • Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)
        • Perform and submit PDI results with the tablet, mobile, or web

        • Track inspections and related claims

      • Product Registration
        • Create and maintain product registration data for products online and via batch upload

        • Track changes of ownership, such as sales and transfers

        • Determine warranty coverage based on in-service or delivery date

        • Attach images or files to registrations

        • Scan barcodes or QR codes on mobile devices to quickly identify the product

        • Analyze owner demographics for registered products

      • Service Plans
        • Offer relevant service plans to increase attach and renewal rates

        • Manage and track standard manufacturer warranties and extended service plans

      • Warranty Eligibility
        • Determine warranty eligibility for qualified repairs

        • Assign supplier responsibility for the claim



      Warranty Claims

      • Support various claim types including New Warranty, Pre-Owned Warranty, Extended Warranty, Service Bulletins, Parts Warranty, Goodwill, and Pre-Delivery Inspection

      • Enter, validate, and process claims entered online or via batch

      • Capture claim failure information including causal part, dates, repair site, complaint, the reason for repair, cause, corrective action, internal and external comments, and claim attachments

      • View claim payment information including requested amounts approved amounts, and credited amounts for parts, labor, and other charges

      • Process pending claims with the ability to adjust claims, request additional information, approve claims, or deny claims

      • Manage business rules for claim validation, processing, and auto-approval

      Warranty SmartBlox Customer Central

      • Parts Return
        • Generate barcoded Return Material Authorizations (RMAs) with the relevant claim and part information

        • Integrate with third-party logistics providers like FedEx and UPS to generate shipping labels

        • Manage return requests to identify parts to be returned and the shipping location

        • Track and manage RMAs

      • Supplier Claims
        • Generate Supplier Claims from Dealer Warranty Claims automatically

        • Assign Supplier responsibility for the claim

        • Adjust claim amounts based on supplier policies and agreements

        • Analyze supplier performance and quality


      Warranty Insights

      • Create dashboards and configure reports based on metrics, needs, and user-based criteria

      • Track Claims either by costs, model, or category and reviews the claim count, part cost, and labor cost totals

      • Detect emerging product quality issues

      • Manage warranty accruals and service plan earnings

      • Schedule and export reports as an Excel file or Acrobat PDF

      Customer Warranty Insights


      Warranty Management and Administration Features

      • Policy and Coverage Management
        • Create and maintain warranty coverages, policies, applicability, terms and conditions

        • Support multiple warranty types, multiple coverage periods (including hours, days, months, years, lifetime, etc.), and multiple usages (including hours, miles, and kilometers)

        • Support deductibles and/or max limits on coverage

        • Maintain varying terms and conditions for parts, labor, and other charges

        • View all warranty coverages that are associated with a registered product

      • Service Campaign Management
        • Manage and track campaigns, recalls, or service bulletins

        • Authorize campaigns by product category, model, and serial number range

        • Analyze campaign performance

      • Labor Hour/Rate Maintenance
        • Capture and maintain claimed labor information, including labor codes/SRTs and labor hours

        • Maintain labor rates by submitting location and labor type

      • Entity Management
        • Create distributors, dealers, manufacturers, OEM’s, owners, suppliers, and other business organizations

        • Maintain relationships between business organizations, including security profiles so that dealers/distributors only access appropriate data

        • Support multiple geographies including country, state, province, region, and territory

        • View and maintain lists of entities like dealers, customers, products, parts, and suppliers

      • User Management
        • Manage users, groups, functions, and views

        • Define the user roles and access levels that apply to your company

        • Integrate with other user authentication systems to support Single Sign-On (SSO)

        • Support multiple currencies and languages

        • Create work queue assignments for organizations, groups, or users

      • Product Management
        • View and/or maintain product attributes of products, product classifications, product information, and serial numbers

      • Parts Management
        • View and/or maintain parts and components

        • Support supplier costs and lists prices

        • View and maintain catalogs of code tables used for validation and look-up

      Delivery Models

      The Mize Warranty Solution is available in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model reducing capital investment and implementation time. The Mize team brings decades of experience in Warranty Management Solutions to help assess and improve your warranty processes.










      Warranty Analysis and Insights

      Global manufacturers spend billions of dollars a year to cover the cost of warranty claims and product recalls. Manufacturers need to quickly detect and correct emerging quality issues to reduce escalating warranty costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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      Warranty Insights Analysis

      Warranty Accrual Reporting

      Warranty accrual reporting helps companies with internal financial planning meet future warranty claim reimbursements and meet financial reporting requirements by public companies. Mize Warranty software provides the reporting capabilities to easily and accurately manage warranty accruals or reserves.

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      Warranty Reserves

      Warranty Fraud Detection

      Most companies suspect warranty fraud but are not sure of the extent and ways to eliminate it. The existing tools and methods to detect warranty fraud are complex and expensive, causing manufacturers to bear the high costs unwillingly.

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      Warranty Fraud Detection Screenshot

      Supplier Warranty Portal for Manufacturers (OEMs)

      Product Manufacturers (OEMs) are increasingly expecting the suppliers to take more responsibility for parts design and warranty cost-sharing. OEMs and suppliers need to collaborate more effectively to improve product quality, reduce warranty costs, and prevent costly recalls

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      Warranty Software for Component and Parts Suppliers

      Suppliers are facing increased warranty costs as OEMs expect the component and part suppliers to take more responsibility for parts design and warranty cost-sharing.

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      Warranty: Supplier Recovery

      Supplier Recovery is an integral part of the Mize Warranty Smart Blox and enables Manufacturers (OEMs), Distributors, and Fleets to increase warranty cost recovery, drive product quality and supplier performance, manage supplier warranty efficiently and cost-effectively.

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      Warranty for Home Warranty

      Home Warranty companies, Utility companies, Homebuilders, or Third Party Administrators (TPAs) can utilize Mize Home Warranty Software to manage the Warranty Programs, Service Network, Customer Support, and Warranty Claims effectively and efficiently.

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      Warranty for SAP Customers

      Many global manufacturers run on SAP for core enterprise processes, including manufacturing, financials, and procurement. Mize Warranty is an easy-to-use and cost-effective Warranty portal that extends SAP to all the channel partners, including distributors, dealers, and service centers.

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      Warranty for TPA's

      Third Party Administrators (TPA) play an important role in managing warranty programs for OEMs and Retail partners or by offering service contract programs for customers to protect their purchases.

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      Warranty Management Datasheet

      Mize Warranty Management Software and Solution improves warranty data quality and integrity by validating all claim aspects with extensive business rules and directly incorporating data feeds from mobile and diagnostic devices into claim forms.



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