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      Mize Trade-In Smart Blox




      Automate Your Trade-In Program 

      Streamline product trade-in programs and reduce operational costs while increasing cash flow.  

      The trade-In and resale paper-flow are a drain on your company’s resources, including dealer staff’s processing time and your inventory pre-resale cashflow. Mize offers you an automated alternative: an intuitive trade-in system connecting your dealers and product users for expedited and documented transactions.


      Trade-In Smart Blox 

      The Mize’s Trade-In Smart Blox enables customers to facilitate the trade-ins by managing the reseller’s workflow from the request to the product’s resale or destruction. The system organizes requests and storage of bulletins to maintain consistent pricing to standardize transactions.  

      Trade-in and resale processes are streamlined by: 

      • Processing from inception to credit or rejection of the trade-in request, validating by product serial numbers, documenting by attaching video or photos for unit resale or destruction within product records  
      • Integrating trade-in requests within the Mize’s Support and Service Portal for one-stop convenience 
      • Maintaining your trade-in bulletin program 
      • Identifying the parts eligible for trade-in for the selected service bulletin using the Mize policy smart link functionality 
      • Collating multiple trade-in line items and requests with a single request 
      • Status referencing – draft, submitted and pending  
      • Benefitting partner and administrator communications

      Ready to reduce your costs and simplify trade-in transactions? Request more information today. 


      Streamline product trade-in to reduce administrative and delivery costs

      Streamline product trade-in to reduce administrative and delivery costs

      Keep store trade-in bulletins up-to-date, maintaining consistent trade-in pricing for all dealer and distributors

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