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      Warranty For TPA's

      Third-Party Administrators' Important Role with Customers' Warranty Management

      Third-Party Administrators (TPA) play an important role in managing warranty programs for OEMs and Retail partners or by offering service contract programs for customers to protect their purchases.

      Mize Warranty software enables TPAs to grow sales, improve profitability, and enhance customer satisfaction. Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) can utilize Mize TPA Warranty Software to manage the Warranty Programs, Service Network, Customer Support, and Warranty Claims effectively and efficiently.

      Third Part Administrator Warranty Programs

      Mize TPA Warranty Software based on Connect Customer Experience platform and Smart Blox for Warranty, Service Plans, Support, and Service deliver a complete and flexible solution to manage all aspects of TPA Warranty.

      Program configuration and Pricing

      Using a unified Supplier Warranty Portal, both OEMs and suppliers can benefit from:

      TPAs can manage different programs, including standard warranty, extended warranty, service plans, maintenance plans, Accidental Damage & Handling (ADH), and other value-added protection plans. Mize Warranty software allows TPAs to easily configure the programs, pricing, discounts, and commissions. Policy Manager provides you the flexibility TPAs need to manage coverages, terms, and conditions.

      TPA Warranty Sales

      Simplify and Streamline the TPA Warranty buying process for all stakeholders, including Customers, Retailers, and OEMs. Generate Service Contract sales on all channels, including at the store, online, phone, or email.

      Integration with e-commerce

      Process payments for service contracts or repair services

      Service Contract Administration

      Manage pricing, discounts, and commissions on service contracts to administer and track Service Contracts sold using various channels easily.

      Manage Network of Service Contractors

      Manage a network of pre-approved service contractors, contacts, service areas, and skills.

      Customer Support and Dispatch

      Allow customer service representatives to dispatch an authorized service contractor or technician to perform the repairs.

      Contractor Service Management

      Allow the service contractors to process the service dispatches, Quote for repair, and submit warranty claims.

      Process Warranty Claims

      Streamline claims processing by automating the application of coverages, payment limits, and deductibles from the service contracts.

      Manage Network of Service Contractors

      Manage a network of pre-approved service contractors, contacts, service areas, and skills.

      Warranty Reporting and Analysis

      Generate various warranty reports and perform warranty data analysis to measure and improve your TPA Warranty business. Mize Warranty Analysis provides Dashboards, report scheduling, email delivery, and ad hoc analysis to manage the service contracts, warranty claims, and service network. TPAs can perform financial analysis for earnings and loss ratios.

      Integration with Accounting Systems

      Integrate Mize TPA Warranty software with your accounting and financial systems using Mize CX Connect.

      Mize has a connector for Intuit Quick Books Online to provide seamless integration with small businesses' most popular accounting software.

      VOC and Customer feedback

      Capture Customer feedback on service performance to share with contractors and use in making the decisions for dispatch.

      Mize TPA Warranty Software is available in the cloud at an affordable monthly subscription price reducing your upfront investment in hardware and software licenses. Mize's global team has decades of experience delivering Warranty management software solutions to optimize your TPA Warranty business.




      Mize Warranty Smart Blox



      Request for a live demo to learn how mWarranty can extend your TPA Warranty management software to provide an easy-to-use and cost-effective warranty portal.




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