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      Mize Returns Management Smart Blox




      Fully Integrated Product and Part Return Processes

      Simplify, Automate, and Integrate Product and Part Return Processes

      The Mize Returns Smart Blox drives improved customer satisfaction by automating, integrating, and simplifying the product and part return processes while reducing reverse logistics cost and turnaround time across the entire value chain


      Integrated Product and Part Return Processes

      Existing Return processes at most companies are cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone. Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Service Centers can save costs and improve customer satisfaction by automating and integrating end-to-end Returns Management processes.

      Mize Returns Management software enables companies to Simplify, Automate, and Integrate Product and Part return processes. Returns deliver many benefits to companies through:

      • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction from simpler and faster handling of returns

      • Increased visibility and efficiency in processing Return Material Authorizations (RMA)

      • Reduction in the turnaround times on Returns

      • Reduction in Return shipping costs

      • Increased productivity across the reverse logistics value chain

      Returns Management Smart Blox


      Reduce Logistics Costs and Turnaround Time

      Reduce Operational Cost by Optimizing the Parts Return Path Among Value Chain Participants

      Improve Customer Satisfaction with Simpler and Faster Return Handling

      Warranty Management Datasheet

      Mize Warranty Management Software and Solution improves warranty data quality and integrity by validating all claim aspects with extensive business rules and directly incorporating data feeds from mobile and diagnostic devices into claim forms.



      Warranty Management Datasheet

      Streamline Returns Management Process and RMA Workflow

      Returns Management Software automates and streamlines all the steps involved in the returns lifecycle.
      • Return Management: Configure and Monitor end-to-end Returns process to improve stakeholder performance and reduce the costs

      • Return Decisions: Make the right decision when a Return is warranted

      • Reverse Logistics: Facilitate the physical flow of goods from the Customer to the Supplier

      • RMA Documentation: Generate RMA, Shipping Labels, and Credit Memos

      • Returns Cost Management: Account for the cost of Returns for reimbursement, shipping, and handling

      • Integrated Returns: Integrate Returns software with ERP or Warehouse Management, Warranty Management, Parts Orders, and Third-Party Logistics (3PL) systems

      • Return Analysis: Analyze the Returns and Inspection data to Improve Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction

      Connect all parties in Reverse logistics chain

      Returns Management Software ensures that all stakeholders (Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Factories, Quality, Service Centers, Customers, and Others) involved in the RMA process workflow can efficiently perform their tasks. They all have access to the real-time Returns data to ensure the material and related information flows smoothly across the value chain.

      Returns support a broad array of return processes:

      • Warranty Parts Returns: Manage failed part returns during the Warranty Claims process to Improve Product Quality and streamline Supplier Cost Recovery

      • Stock Return Orders: Manage Return orders of Stocked products or parts from Channel Partner’s Inventory back to Distributors or OEMs

      • Customer Returns: Portal for Customers to initiate and manage product returns, and support requests

      • Supplier Returns: Manage OEM or Retailer Returns process with Supply Chain Partners

      • Remanufacturing: Manage Core Returns and Work Orders for remanufacturing or refurbishing the returned product

      Support for multiple regions, languages

      The Returns Smart Blox is available in multiple languages and can be used globally to handle reverse logistics across country borders with complex customs, shipping, and documentation requirements.


      Automate Reverse Logistics

      Returns automate the reverse logistics process and make it easier for all stakeholders to handle and track RMA (Return Material Authorization).
      • Integrate with carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and others to calculate shipping costs and generate shipping labels
      • Email shipping labels or access online to print and track shipments.
      • Print Bar Code on RMA document to make receiving parts easier and more accurate
      • Track RMA status by integrating with a Carrier tracking system

      Reverse logistics allows follow-up steps such as “Forward to Supplier,” “Remanufacture or Refurbish,” “Repair,” or “Scrap.”

      Automate and Simplify Reverse Logistics

      Integrated Returns Management Process

      Returns management software integrates with other enterprise systems and processes for seamless execution of all the activities performed during the Returns process. Mize CX Connect enables two-way integration of Returns Software with Warranty, Support, Service, Parts, e-Commerce, ERP, Warehouse Management (WMS), and Logistics systems.

      Returns Management Capabilities

      Integration with Contact Centers

      Contact Centers can initiate a Return Authorization directly from a Case or a Support Request. When customers call or submit a support request via the web, mobile, or other channels, the Support Agent can generate a return request from the information captured in the case. The RMAs can be accessed and managed directly from the Support system to improve Contact Centers' effectiveness in resolving customer issues.


      Integration with Warranty and Service Management

      Return Requests and RMAs can be initiated from Warranty Claims, Service Orders, or Return Orders. Integrated Returns Management with Service transactions makes it easier and convenient for the service organization to identify, initiate, and track Returns.

      Integration with ERP or Warehouse Management software

      Returns Management software integrates with ERP or Warehouse management to

      • Receive products or parts at warehouse locations
      • Track Returns inventory until final disposition
      • Generate financial transactions such as credit memos or Customer refund

      Integration with 3rd Party Logistics companies or Shipping Carriers

      Returns Management software integrates with 3rd Party Logistics and shipping carriers to:

      • Generate Shipping Label from the carriers such as FedEx or UPS
      • Track the status of Return shipments
      • Facilitate forwarding of Returns to Supply Chain Partners

      Integration with e-Commerce or Online Stores

      Returns Management, integrated with e-commerce sites, provides Return Material Authorization and Reverse Logistics functions to deliver better Customer Service. Customers expect the same level of convenience in returning products purchased online compared to products purchased at a local store.

      The integrated returns solution helps improve customer loyalty, the efficiency of reverse logistics, and the overall effectiveness of handling returns.



      Returns Cost Management

      Companies spend billions of dollars every year on Returns for Customer Refunds, Warranty Claims, Repairs, Product Recalls, Reverse Logistics, Shipping Costs, and Material handling.

      Mize Returns Smart Blox helps companies control the costs, enforce returns policies, and track all costs involved during the end-to-end return process.

      Using Returns, Companies can:

      • Manage approval workflows
      • Initiate customer refunds, replacements, or credit memos
      • Enforce policy and procedural compliance
      • Validate warranty entitlements
      • Track transport or shipping costs
      • Manage supplier cost recovery
      • Process financial transactions

      Automatic Creation RMA and related Documents

      Returns Management Software automatically generates RMA and related documents at every step of the Return process.

      The documents include:

      • Return Material Authorizations (RMAs)
      • Shipping Labels
      • Return Orders
      • Credit Memos
      • Inspection forms
      • Inbound and Outbound goods movements
      • Email notifications

      The automatic creation and sharing of documents improves user productivity, streamlines communication, and enhances RMA traceability.

      Embedded Barcodes to Track RMAs

      The return process utilizes bar codes throughout the process, from shipping to receiving to track where the return goods are. Mobile devices or Barcode scanners can recognize the RMA number or the key transaction number that generated the RMA. Barcoding simplifies Goods shipping, receiving, and forwarding at different locations.

      Return Analytics

      Returns management software centralizes the Returns data for reporting and analysis. Configurable reports provide complete visibility to optimize returns management. You will gain insights into Cost of Returns, Product Quality, Processing times, and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

      Cloud-based Returns Management Software

      The Returns Smart Blox is a cloud-based solution available for a monthly subscription fee. Returns provide a simple and cost-effective web portal to Simplify, Automate, and Integrate Returns. A responsive web interface and a mobile app make it easy and convenient to use Returns on any mobile device by all the stakeholders.

      Returns run on Mize Connected Customer Experience platform, making the integration with other Smart Blox seamless.

      Returns is a complete solution to Optimize Returns Management. You will gain:

      • Fast and efficient automated returns processing
      • Flexible reverse logistics processes and workflows
      • Interfaces with other enterprise systems for seamless flow of Returns information
      • Higher levels of controls and traceability over the entire RMA (Return Material Authorization) process
      • Connectivity to all stakeholders within the company as well as business partners
      • Insights into Returns data to Improve Product Quality and Customer satisfaction




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