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      Mize Parts Management Smart Blox




      Streamline Parts Identification and Ordering

       Increase Service Parts Revenue and Profitability  

      The Mize Parts Smart Blox increases part sales for maintenance and repair operations by enabling accurate part identification and ease of ordering across your value chain.

      Mize SmartBlox Parts Screenshot


      Current Conditions

      Complex, time-consuming, and error-prone processes

      Today’s consumers expect simplicity and instant access to product and parts information from brands. Paper catalogs, PDF files, DVD’s, and unnavigable web sites have become obsolete in an on-demand world.

      Simultaneously, product cycles have grown shorter, while the products themselves are becoming more complicated.

      Brands find it difficult to keep information concerning parts updated and accurate.

      Companies require more effective ways to maintain and deliver large volumes of parts and service data for current product lines.

      Service organizations are faced with performing repairs and maintenance in a highly efficient manner. Technicians need to identify and locate the correct parts to reduce mean-time to repair and improve first-time fix rates.


      Mize Parts Smart Blox

      Service organizations are faced with performing repairs and maintenance in a highly efficient manner. Technicians need to identify and locate the correct parts to reduce mean-time to repair and improve first-time fix rates.

      Real-time parts and service information is instantly available on any device when needed; in the shop, repair depot, or field.

      • Optimize the service parts experience and maximize service parts revenue

      • Enable consistent and accurate part visibility across brand value chain participants

      • Increase first-time fill and fix rates

      • Improve profitability and brand affinity via increased OEM parts sales (vs. aftermarket)


      Locate and Order Parts Easily

      Improved Product Uptime

      Reduce Product Maintenance Costs

      Improved Service Response and Faster Turnaround

      Increase Service Parts Market Share

      Enhance Customer Service and Loyalty

      Facilitate Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

      Reduced Customer and Dealer Support Costs

      Mobilize Parts Information

      Customers and field service technicians increasingly rely on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The Mize solution is optimized to support native apps on leading mobile platforms, and responsive web apps for browsers. The Smart Blox module provides flexibility allowing individuals to access parts information and online and off-line ordering via mobile devices.

      Mobilize Parts Information

      Rich Multimedia Content

      Users can view assembly drawings, illustrations, and associated Parts information intuitively with easy to use navigation. Related videos, service content and notes are readily available, empowering technicians and customers to service or maintain products with confidence. Social capabilities allow users to share media content with networks and friends.

      Smart Blox Parts Screenshot

      eCommerce and mCommerce

      The Mize Parts Smart Blox enables eCommerce and mCommerce by providing a shopping cart, checkout, payment processing, and integration with other backend and frontend financial systems.

      Dealers, distributors, and customers can easily locate and purchase parts resulting in greater sales and profits. The Parts Smart Blox Sales module integrates with third-party services to calculate shipping, taxes, and other costs associated with the order.

      Parts Data Management

      This Smart Blox enables brands to maintain up-to-date Parts information and related service content. Parts diagrams may be imported; illustration hot-spots hyperlink to parts lists & ordering.

      Parts Sales allows organizations to quickly issue updates to mobile, social, or web channels. This ensures that service providers and customers have the latest, most accurate information. Using the capabilities of this module, brands realize significant cost-reductions and improved accuracy.


      Seamless Integration

      Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables seamless integration with key business systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Dealer Management Systems (DMS), and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

      Parts catalogs and order submission may be integrated with warranty, diagnostics, and parts inventory systems to streamline and automate ordering processes resulting in improved service execution.


      Streamline Parts Identification and Ordering Process

      Increased Profits From Service Parts

      Improved Customer Satisfaction

      Improved Technician Productivity

      Increase Customer Retention and Loyalty with Differentiated Extended Warranty, Maintenance, and Protection Plans

      Simplify Ordering Processes to Keep up With the Demands and Expectations of Connected Consumers.

      Easy to Navigate

      Parts Sales Solutions from Mize helps consumers navigate relevant information specific to their product with a single tap. Users have access to parts availability, pricing, and order status. Scanning barcodes or QR codes easily reach parts catalogs, manuals, and knowledge base.

      Easy to Navigate Prices

      Powerful Parts Search

      Powered by a robust search engine, the Mize solution makes it easy to locate parts using: part name, description, model, part number, serial number, or other search terms. Real-time, accurate parts information significantly reduces incorrect orders.

      Powerful Parts Search Engine


      3D Parts Catalog Software

      3D Parts Catalog Software

      Errors in identifying the right service parts result in more parts returns, delays in completing repairs, and loss of parts sales. Leverage 3D models from CAD Designs in Parts Catalogs to identify the right parts needed for servicing your products.

      Interactive Parts Schematics

      Interactive Schematics

      Schematic diagrams are the go-to technical document for service technicians working in electric or hydraulic repairs. Complex schematic diagrams are complicated to handle and cumbersome to refer to and comprehend. Using paper or static digital images is time-consuming and prone to errors.

      Mize Parts Catalog Software

      Mize Parts Catalog Software

      Mize Parts Catalog software enables service technicians, parts managers, customers, and contact centers to easily and quickly look up service parts online. 

      Mobile Inventory Tracker

      Mobile Inventory Tracker

      Not having the right parts to complete a service order can be detrimental to your service business and result in repeat technician visits, customer dissatisfaction, and higher costs from emergency orders. Holding more trunk stock is no solution either. Excess inventory will increase inventory carrying costs and will negatively impact the service profitability.

      Parts Support Management Software

      Parts Support Management Software

      Service Parts can increase revenues and profitability for durable goods manufacturers. Having the right parts available at the right time and at the right place is critical for completing the repairs.

      Service Parts Datasheet

      Service Parts are a significant source of revenue and profits for manufacturers. Mize Service Parts Management solution enables manufacturers to maximize parts sales, improve efficiencies, and enhance collaboration with channel partners and suppliers.





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