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      Mize Orders Software Smart Blox




      Simplified Order Processing

      Simplify, Streamline, and Integrate
      Orders and Quotes

      Most Ordering and Quoting systems are hard-to-use and inefficient, resulting in lower productivity, missed sales opportunities, and customer dissatisfaction. While many eCommerce solutions exist for shopping, they fall short in streamlining the quoting and ordering processes for manufacturers of configurable products with multiple aftermarket revenue streams.

      Simplify, Streamline, and Integrate Orders and Quotes


      Maximize revenue opportunities with existing customer and install base

      Simplifying and streamlining Quoting/Ordering processes helps manufacturers generate higher margin sales with existing customer and install bases.

      Mize Orders is an online and mobile ordering application that enables manufacturers to realize higher customer lifetime value by simplifying the quoting and ordering process for:

      • Products

      • Service Parts & Accessories

      • Service Plans (Maintenance agreements, Service Contracts)

      • Subscriptions, and more

      Mize Orders Smart Blox Flow


      Simplify ordering by consolidating multiple systems to allow quoting and ordering on any channel at any time

      Streamline workflows by integrating seamlessly with payment, fulfillment, shipping, and enterprise systems

      Save costs by reducing order entry errors, returns, and customer support calls

      Simple and Efficient Order Entry

      Mize Orders simplifies order entry by providing capabilities to:

      • Select and add items from the Product Catalogs or illustrated and interactive Parts Catalogs
      • Import items from
        • CSV or Excel files
        • Previous quotes or orders
        • Shopping cart
        • Parts Catalogs
      • Re-order items by copying previous quotes or orders
      • Place orders for different item types from a single product information screen
      Simple and Efficient Order Entry

      Mobilize Ordering

      In addition to web ordering optimized for all devices, Mize provides native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Users can use Barcode or QR code scanning to identify the items being ordered or received.

      Add to Cart or Buy Now from anywhere

      Add an item to the cart or purchase an item from any screen with a simple link to pass the item information. The user can add single or multiple items to the cart from any web page, email, or message using a simple URL with parameters to pass the item information.

      Parts Mobile Ordering

      Order Tracking

      Orders can be tracked online or from any mobile device. Notify the users of any order updates via email, text (SMS), or push notification.

      Order Tracking Software Mize

      Enhance customer experience and improve efficiencies with real-time Order Tracking Read more…

      A simple search to access orders and history

      Any order can be accessed easily using a simple or advanced search. Users can easily export the search results or orders to a CSV file, Excel, JSON, XML, or PDF format.

      Order history is also available for any customer through Customer 360.

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      Warranty Management Brochure

      Streamline Order flows to improve efficiency and productivity

      Ordering using legacy systems or ERP can be complex and expensive.  Mize Order Management Smart Blox (Orders) streamlines order processing by eliminating manual steps, reducing errors, and providing an integrated quote-to-order flow.

      Mize Order Flow Diagram

      If your sales team uses spreadsheets for quotes and orders and then re-entering the data, you can replace that process to make the salespeople more productive by eliminating duplicate data entry.

      Your order processing team can easily manage order workflows, pricing and discounting decision tables, and order fulfillment.  You can reduce paperwork, eliminate manual steps for fast and error-free order processing.

      Streamline and Automate order workflows

      Streamline your sales order management and improve productivity. Order workflow can be configured and managed in the application.

      Order Activity Moderator

      The Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 standard based workflow engine is an easy to use workflow design and monitoring tool that allows you to define your workflow approvals using a drag-n-drop interface. The workflow tool allows interaction with all the other transactions, data, and forms, allowing you to orchestrate quoting and ordering processes.

      Shorten Quote-to-Cash cycle time

      Improve the cycle time from Quote to an Order and customer payment to improve cash flows and inventory turns.  Expedite your quote-to-cash process and focus on exceptions with rules-based automation. Mize Orders allows you to:

      • Share quotes via email or customer portal to get customer approvals quickly
      • Convert an approved quote to order with a single click

      Shorten the quote-to-cash cycle time frames by integrating ordering, fulfillment, shipping, and delivery.

      Shorten Quote to Cash Cycle

      Pricing and Discounts

      Manage pricing and discounting rules within the application or integrate with other enterprise systems in real-time to get accurate and current pricing information on orders.

      The pricing and discounting decision tables provide the flexibility to optimize sales and profitability.

      Integrate Ordering life cycle to connect all stakeholders and processes

      Orders can be easily created from third-party applications such as Dealer Management System (DMS), Repair orders, Warranty Claims, Support, or CRM.   Orders can be generated from any application using standard web services API.

      Mize CX Connect provides pre-built connectors for many enterprise systems to reduce the cost of integration.

      Unify all stakeholders with one system for sales and service reps, finance managers, fulfillment specialists, and executives.


      Orders Smart Blox Flow Diagram


      Commerce integration

      • All items can be added to the shopping cart and can be saved as Quote or converted into an order
      • Orders can be integrated into online payment with net, PayPal, or CyberSource
      • Integrate with financial systems for invoicing Channel partners

      Order Fulfillment

      • Configure and Automate order routing for global fulfillment
      • Track Drop-shipping, partial fulfillment, and backorders
      • Integrated with Fulfillment and Logistics systems to ship products and parts
      • Service Plans can be registered and applied to the specific serialized product to track the entitlements
      • The software can be registered, downloaded, and activated

      Shipping integration

      • Integrates with shipping carriers to identify freight costs and generate shipping labels
      • Dropship items to customers directly
      • Integrate with shipping carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and 3rd party logistics providers (3PL)

      Integration with inventory management

      • Show inventory availability
      • Track inventory of items added from orders and used in all service transactions
      • Instantly transmit shipment requests to your warehouse and eliminate data entry errors and delayed shipments.

      Parts Inventory Integration


      Optimize the ordering experience to maximize aftermarket revenues

      Deliver superior Customer Service
      • Increase customer satisfaction by providing self-service access to orders, delivery, and payment information from Customer Central 
      • Improve Customer satisfaction and loyalty by:
        • Streamlining Order cancellation, returns, and exchange
        • Integrating with Support to address any issues related to orders
        • Integrating with Returns Management for stock or defective product or part returns

      Manage Orders

      • Your customer service team can easily view order status, customer order history, order status, and ship tracking numbers
      • Easily process order changes, order cancellations, refunds, returns, and exchanges

      Notifications and Customer Engagement

      You can engage customers at important touchpoints during the whole product lifecycle to grow revenues.

      Email or text notifications can be configured to keep the customer informed of the order status.

      Automatic emails are sent to your customers when orders are submitted, shipped, or delayed because of backorders.

      Deliver relevant content

      Immediate access to the latest product information: inventory, specs, multiple views, and videos.

      Gain Actionable Insights

      Track quotes, orders, and sales using dashboards and reports available to all stakeholders.

      Sales teams have all required customer information, including order history, bestselling products, order trends, and more, to gain insights and drive sales.

      Improve business performance with real-time access to quotes, orders, pricing, and inventory information.

      Deliver a robust and cost-effective global Ordering solution 

      Mize Orders is available on CX Cloud with a simple and cost-effective subscription model (SaaS) to allow all your end customers and channel partners to create quotes and orders.

      Mize Order management software is powered by Connected Customer Experience Platform and can provide unified service management with other Smart Blox.

      Mize Orders is available globally in all languages and currencies used.  Mize's global team has decades of experience in delivering ordering and service management solutions to world-class manufacturers.

      Request a Demo to learn how you can simplify, streamline, and integrate your quote and order processes.


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