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      Mize CX Connect




      Enhance Customer Interactions with Integrated Applications

      CX Connect enables easy configuration, deployment, management and maintenance of interfaces through cloud-based deployment.

      Application and data silos within companies lead to customer frustration. Mize CX Connect enables companies to enhance customer interactions through a seamless two-way integration with various systems.


      Standard Integration Platform

      Mize CX Connect is an integration platform based on a Service-oriented architecture (SOA) that provides a standardized framework, components, and connectors to integrate Mize Connected Customer Experience software with other enterprise applications.


      Connect Customer Experience through Mize CX


      Open and Standard Integration Platform and middleware

      Connectors for file (CSV, EXCEL, XML, JSON), Web Service (REST/JSON, SOAP/XML)

      Connectors for standard commercially available software systems

      Automation of integration with external systems


      Simplify Integration with Ready to Deploy Connectors

      CX Connect enables easy configuration, deployment, management, and maintenance of interfaces through cloud-based deployment. The 150+ out-of-box connectors enable companies to easily integrate Mize Smart Blox with enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, Cloud, Web, or Legacy business systems. All Mize Smart Blox leverage CX Connect to create seamless business processes by supporting the standard Enterprise Integration patterns.


      Reduce the Cost of Integration with a Subscription Model

      With a simple subscription model, companies can reduce the cost of development, support, and upgrades of interfaces. As different software applications evolve, CX Connect keeps the interfaces up-to-date and working without costly redevelopment.

      Companies can save costs from investments in costly hardware servers, middleware software, expensive resources with integration skillsets, and custom development costs.


      Reliable Integration Platform Meets Customer Expectations

      Mize CX Connect ensures that the integration platform can scale with your needs and provide performance, high availability, reliability, and fault-tolerance that your customers expect from you. You can rely on CX Connect to make important information about products, customers, parts, channel partners, and service events is available where and when it is needed to take care of your customers.

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