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      51:00 minute video

      On-Demand Webinar

      Realize a Strong ROI with Warranty System Modernization

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      It’s time to close the loop with a single, modern warranty management solution. If you need business proof showing ways to realize ROI, then this webinar is worth your time. Not only will industry experts show you how, but you’ll learn to calculate expected cost reduction and increased revenue.

      This webinar was moderated by Eric Arnum, Editor of Warranty Week. Special guests include Mike Roberts, President of MR Insights, and Gary Serbousek, Sr. Product Manager at Mize. The team had discussed how to obtain a strong return on investment as you modernize your warranty management system and process.

      Successful implementation of Warranty software

      With decades of experience in successfully implementing Warranty software for global manufacturers, Mize has developed industry best practices. During this presentation, you will learn:

      • Peer strategies from global manufacturers case studies
      • How to identify key areas of payback, including efficiencies in claims automation, quality improvement, supplier recovery, and service contract growth 
      • Methods and tools to estimate your ROI
      • Critical success factors in realizing the expected ROI
      • How Cloud technologies, SaaS models, and faster implementations are accelerating the time to value and payback  
      Play the above video and let Mize help you build a business case for a global warranty system.

      Through Mize’s Warranty Management platform, see how a single system can optimize your end-to-end operations, significantly reduce warranty costs, and tangibly increase customer value to you.

      Mize | Warranty Week | MR Insights

      Download the presentation deck used in the video here.

      Check out our latest eBook:  Build a Business Case for Global Warranty Management


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