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      32:00 minute video

      On-Demand Webinar

      A Migration to Subscription Services


      View this on-demand webinar with Ashok Kartham, Mize ceo

      October 2020

      Strategies to add recurring subscription-based business model

      As seen at the 11th Annual Extended Warranty and Service Contracts Innovations Conference, now on-demand: Migration to Subscription Services, with Ashok Kartham, Founder & CEO of Mize and Lindsey Mannix, Chief Operations Officer for Paid Care, Samsung Electronics America.

      Kartham joined a panel discussion with service leaders from global companies, discussing how manufacturers can transform their current one-time payment service contract sales to a recurring subscription-based business model.

      Subscription Services

      "Digital companies have innovated by providing subscription services. Manufacturers can also leverage the subscription models to generate predictable recurring revenue streams, monetize related services, consumables, software, and IoT offerings, and build a loyal customer base for the long term," commented Ashok Kartham.



      11th Annual Extended Warranty and Services Contract Innovations


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