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      60-minute video

      On-Demand Webinar

      “Normal” Redefined:
      How End-to-End Service Delivery is Transforming the Customer Experience


      September 2021

      “Remote,” “Anytime,” and “Collaborative” are no longer buzzwords. Learn why!

      When service operation professionals were asked to rank the top five drivers for their organization, the top three responses centered around delivering end-to-end service experiences for their customers: “faster response to product quality and service issues,” “improve key customer metrics,” and “establish more capabilities around remote service, collaboration, and resolution.” This translates to the fact that service permeates the culture, and manufacturers and service organizations must deliver quality service experiences to retain customers. 

      Listen to this webinar to hear these key topics:
      • Re-thinking the Service Experience

      • Driving strategic service transformation in a disrupted environment 

      • The role of digital capabilities to accelerate service excellence

      Presented by: Aly Pinder, Program Director, Service Innovation and Connected Products at IDC, and Ashok Kartham, CPO Syncron, CEO Mize.


      Normal Redefined for End-to-End Field Service Delivery and Customer Experience Webinar from Syncron + Mize

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