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      44:00 minute video

      On-Demand Webinar

      Create Enhanced Customer Experiences by Reimagining Service Lifecycle Management

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      May 2020

      Top Priorities

      The top priorities for manufacturers and services organizations driving investments around service innovation are the desire to improve the customer experience, drive revenues, and innovate through shared knowledge. These priorities are only becoming more critical as we face the test of the next normal. End-to-end service excellence enables the framework to meet the challenges faced today and in the future.

      Watch the on-demand recording of the webinar hosted by Mize.  Aly Pinder, Program Director for Service Innovation & Connected Products at IDC, has highlighted the key trends accelerating digital transformation and the importance of service excellence to drive enhanced offerings to customers, innovative revenue streams, and improved operational efficiencies.

      Webinar Topic: 

      Create Enhanced Customer Experiences by Reimagining Service Lifecycle Management

      Presenters: Aly Pinder, Program Director for Service Innovation & Connected Products at IDC.

       Stuart Ransom, CRO at Mize

       Michael Blumberg, CMO at Mize

      During this Webinar presented by leading industry experts, you will learn about:

      • Challenges Faced in a Time of Disruption
      • End-to-end Service Lifecycle Management Trends and Opportunities
      • How Technology Drives Accelerated Transformation and Service Excellence


      About the Presenters:

      AlyAly Pinder Jr. leads IDC research and analysis of the service and customer support market for the manufacturer, which includes topics such as field service, warranty operations, service parts management, and how these service areas impact the overall customer experience. Mr. Pinder Jr. establishes a roadmap for the manufacturer to better understand how technology can transform service and support functions to drive exceptional customer experiences and customer value, profitable revenue growth, and improved efficiency in the field.  Mr. Pinder Jr. is Program Director for Service Innovation & Connected Products at IDC.

      Stuart_RansomStuart Ransom as its Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Mize where he is responsible for all revenue generation processes, including new customer acquisition, account management and customer success, subscription renewals, and revenue expansion across Mize’s global customer base.  Mr. Ransom is an effective leader accomplished at delivering technology-driven transformational business outcomes and leading enterprise software and SaaS sales teams in complex enterprise sales environments. Since joining Mize, Mr. Ransom has played a pivotal role in establishing Mize’s leadership position in Service Lifecycle Management.

      michael_100X100Michael R. Blumberg is an innovative business executive with an unequaled background in Aftermarket Services, Reverse Logistics, and Warranty Management. He is talented at analyzing current capabilities, and market needs leading to the development of realistic strategies for business expansion into previously uncharted territory Michael’s thought leadership and strategic leadership has positively enhanced the profitability of many organizations across varied industries. Michael is Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Mize, the leader in Connected Customer Experience.



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