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      32:00 minute video

      On-Demand Webinar

      Augment Your Warranty Systems for Decision Making and Lowering Costs


      Presented at Automotive Warranty Management Summit

      NOVEMBER 2020

      Automotive Warranty Management Summit was virtual and decidedly peer-driven.


      Focal points included:
      • Lessons learned from the global crisis
      • Using FMEA to anticipate design and process failure to reduce warranty risks
      • Curbing warranty costs outside of dealer repair costs

      Catch Mize’s Senior Product Manager Gary Serbousek’s presentation, Augment Your Warranty Systems for Decision Making and Lowering Costs.

      Serbousek discussed how OEMs and Suppliers utilize video, remote inspections, and real-time diagnostics for better claim decisions, customer satisfaction and analytics. 

      Strategies relayed:
      • Getting real-time access to vehicle service at the dealership or in the field through a collaborative video
      • Using remote diagnostics and IoT data to support warranty claims
      • Use of pictures and rich data to simplify claim decisions for OEMs and suppliers
      • Enabling Cloud-based Activity management to enhance current claim processes and systems



      Gary Serbousek has over 15 years of experience related to warranty and service software for several different verticals, including Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Consumer Electronics and Home. Much of that time was focused on optimizing companies’ ability to create extended warranty plans and be more efficient in the sale, service, and handling of those warranty contracts. As the Mize product manager, he is responsible for understanding customer needs and providing direction for adding innovations to the Mize Smart Blox technology.

      See Mize’s Warranty Management Solution and how a single system can optimize your end-to-end operations, significantly reduce warranty costs, and tangibly increase customer value to you.


      Automotive Warranty
      Management USA 2020


      Download the presentation deck used in the video here.

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