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      3 min read

      Mize to sponsor and present at Extended Warranty & Service Contract Innovations conference

      Tampa, FL August 30, 2019

      Mize presenting "Service Revenue Maximization: Key Strategies for Increasing Extended Warranty Attachment & Renewal Rates."

      Mize to showcase the latest Service Contracts Management solution at the 10th Annual Extended Warranty & Service Contract Innovations

      Mize, the leader in Connected Customer Experience, announced today that it would be launching the next-generation Service Contracts Management solution at Extended Warranty & Service Contract Innovations conference.

      Mize is a sponsor of the 10th Annual Extended Warranty & Service Contract Innovations conference

      from September 18-19, 2019 at Renaissance Nashville Hotel, Nashville, TN, and will showcase the Mize solutions for Service Contract Management and Warranty Management.

      Mize Service Contracts Management (SCM) Software and Solution helps Manufacturers (OEMs), Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Retailers, and Channel Partners to set up, sell, administer, track and analyze various service programs. Whether a company is planning to set up a new service contracts program or already managing one, Mize Service Contracts Management (SCM) helps manage Extended Warranty, Maintenance, Subscription, and Service Programs to build long-term relationships with customers and grow predictable and recurring service revenues.

      Extended Warranty and Service Contracts are a good source of revenue and profits for OEMs, TPAs, and Retailers. According to a recent Warranty Week Report, the Service Contracts industry generated over $47 Billion revenue in 2018.

      ‘In order to capture a significant share of Extended Warranty and Service Contract Revenues companies need to effectively manage service contract attachment and renewal rates.” said Michael Blumberg, CMO of Mize, Inc., “Our SCM software platform enables companies to maximize service contract revenues by offering configurable service programs, enabling channel partners, and simplifying the buying process”

      Michael Blumberg will deliver a presentation at Extended Warranty & Service Contract Innovations conference on Thursday, September 19, 2019, titled Service Revenue Maximization: Key Strategies for Increasing Extended Warranty Attachment & Renewal Rates This presentation will examine the strategies that companies can pursue to increase extended warranty attachment and renewal rates.

      Major manufacturers with thousands of technicians have deployed the Mize Software globally with proven results in improving customer satisfaction, technician productivity, and growth of aftermarket service sales.

      “Companies can generate higher-margin revenues by offering service programs to monetize their install base of products and customers. Enabling Manufacturers and their Channel Partners to market, sell and renew service programs is critical to improving attach rates and renewal rates,” said Ashok Kartham, CEO of Mize.  “Mize SCM is the only solution that connects all stakeholders and processes to maximize service contract revenues, profitability, and customer lifetime value.”

      Ashok Kartham will be a panelist on a discussion titled Increasing Consumer Convenience & Customer Lifetime Value at Extended Warranty and Service Innovations on September 18, 2019. Mr. Kartham will be joined by Vance Thomas, Corporate Warranty Manager, Louisiana Pacific, Christopher Penn, VP of Client Services, Centricity, and Chris Smith, CEO, OnPoint Warranty Solutions 

      Using Mize SCM solution, companies can offer and manage Service Programs for:

      • Extended Warranty, maintenance, Subscription, and Protection plans
      • maintenance programs with defined service schedules
      • Value-added programs beyond break-fix to differentiate your services

      Mize Service Contracts solution provides the flexibility and capabilities needed to set up the programs suited to industry, products, and customer needs.

      You can learn more about Mize SCM at 

      About Mize

      Mize enables companies to optimize key post-sale customer interaction events, such as product registration, warranty, service plans, parts, support, service, and maintenance, to increase customer satisfaction and retention. Mize Connected Customer Experience Platform and Smart Blox elevate customer experience and engagement with customers, build knowledge about customers and products, and increase revenue from the existing customer install base.  Mize harnesses the web, mobile, cloud, IoT, and analytics technologies to maximize customer lifetime value. Please visit for more information.