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      1 min read

      WCM Conference Preview, Part 2

      Tampa, FL February 23, 2018

      Mize presenting "Ten Things for Immediate Productivity Gains in Warranty Processes."

      Beginning at 1:50pm on Wednesday, Eric Marlan, the senior product manager at Mize Inc., will deliver a presentation entitled, "Ten Things for Immediate Productivity Gains in Warranty Processes."

      Eric MarlanMarlan said his goal is to highlight some of the inefficiencies in the warranty process, and how they can be eliminated. "The way I'm going to walk through those ten items will be through an S.I.R. model, where I'm going to describe a Situation, go through the Impact of it, and then provide a Resolution as to how something can be taken care of," he said.

      The items he said he will be spotlighting are generic enough to apply across multiple industries. "My goal for a take-away is explaining a situation where everybody nods their head and says, 'Yeah, this is something that we see,' and then a resolution that helps them to stop shaking their head and say, 'Oh, maybe that'll work for me. Maybe I'll go try it.'"

      Marlan said the source of the list is his own experience as a product manager, overseeing projects for the past several years, observing the top issues for clients, and how they went about resolving some of those issues. His presentation is aimed at warranty managers and returns management who probably see these issues in their own organizations, and who want to work on getting them fixed.