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      Trek Bicycle Streamlines Supplier Warranty Recovery with Mize Supplier Portal

      Tampa, FL Oct 23, 2017

      Trek Bicycle, a global leader in the design and manufacture of bicycles, streamlines Supplier Warranty Recovery with Mize OEM Warranty Supplier Portal Software.

      Mize, a leading provider of connected customer experience platform and warranty management software, today announced that Trek Bicycle has completed the implementation of Mize Warranty Supplier Portal to generate, share, and process warranty claims with their global supply chain partners.

      Trek is a global leader in the design and manufacture of bicycles and cycling products. Trek bicycles are sold through a vast network of more than 5,000 independent bicycle retailers in 90 countries around the world. Trek has formed partnerships with suppliers globally to provide components, frames, and fully-assembled bikes. Trek has been working to drive quality in its supply chain to ensure every product meets the highest quality standards.

      “Our suppliers are an integral part of our processes to deliver the highest quality products for our customers,” said Dave Bunton, Sr. Manager for Trek’s Global Warranty Operations. “Mize Supplier Warranty Portal provides online access to important warranty information to all of our suppliers globally. Sharing warranty claim data and quality metrics help us to collaborate on improving quality and address any emerging issues in a timely fashion.”

      Mize Supplier Warranty Portal now auto-generates Trek’s supplier claims based on warranty claims received from the retailer network. It gives suppliers autonomous, online access to process claims at will. Suppliers can either process claims online or export claims data to review and process in their own systems, offline. However, adjudicating claims online eliminates many manual steps, boosting productivity. The online portal replaces manual processes and spreadsheets, which are difficult to track and manage. The Supplier dashboard provides real-time visibility to key performance indicators, driving supplier performance and quality improvement.

      “We wanted to move from relying on spreadsheets to an integrated, online warranty system with our suppliers,” said Dave Bunton. “Supplier Warranty Portal really improves productivity and helps reduce costs. The Mize software seamlessly integrates with retailer claims data and claims payments.”

      “We’re excited to partner with Trek to provide a supplier warranty portal and streamline their warranty claims, while also providing quality data-sharing processes,” said Nick Hall, Customer Engagement Manager with Mize. “Our SaaS subscription model has allowed Trek Bicycle to deploy the supplier warranty system within a few weeks, with cost-effectiveness.”

      “As manufacturers such as Trek Bicycle rely on their global supply chain partners, our cloud-based warranty solution connects and enables OEMs and suppliers to collaborate on warranty to improve product quality and reduce warranty costs,” said Ashok Kartham, CEO of Mize. “Mize Supplier Warranty Portal helps reduce cycle times, allowing faster response to quality issues and improving customer satisfaction.”

      Please visit to learn more about Mize Supplier Warranty Portal.

      About Mize

      Mize enables companies to optimize key, post-sale, customer interaction events, such as product registration, warranty, service plans, parts, support, service, and maintenance, to increase customer satisfaction and retention. Mize’s connected customer experience platform and Smart Blox elevate customer experience and engagement with customers, build knowledge about customers and products, and increase revenue from the existing customer install base.  Mize harnesses the web, mobile, cloud, IoT, and analytics technologies to maximize customer lifetime value.

      About Trek Bicycle

      Trek Bicycle is a global leader in the design and manufacture of bicycles and related products. Trek believes the bicycle can be a simple solution to many of the world's most complex problems, and is committed to breaking down the barriers that prevent people from using bicycles more often for transportation, recreation, and inspiration.