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      2 min read

      Elliott Equipment Company streamlines warranty with Mize Warranty software

      Tampa, FL, March 3, 2017

      Elliott Equipment rolls out Mize warranty software to manage product registrations and warranty claims.

      Elliott Equipment Company is a manufacturer of telescopic truck-mounted aerial work platforms, cranes and digger derricks. Elliott Equipment warranties are administered by a worldwide network of authorized distributors and service centers.

      “Elliott equipment is built using the highest quality components and backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty and a global service network.”, said Jim Glazer, President of Elliott Equipment Company. “Elliott warranty provides the best protection and reduces ownership costs for our customers.”

      “Elliott has been managing warranty using emails and spreadsheets. We wanted to move to a new online warranty system to track all aspects of warranty and make it easier for our dealer network to do business with us.”, said Jerry Monahan, Manager of After Sales Support at Elliott Equipment, “Our new warranty system from Mize enables us to manage warranty more effectively by tracking product registrations, warranty coverages, warranty claims, and parts returns.”

      “We are excited that Elliott Equipment Company has selected Mize Warranty Management software to manage their equipment warranties.” said Ashok Kartham, CEO of Mize, “The cloud-based warranty system will make it easier for Elliott to track and manage warranty costs.”

      Mize offers complete Warranty lifecycle management software in Cloud using SaaS model making it easier for companies to implement the solution quickly and cost-effectively. Using next generation warranty software from Mize, companies can configure different warranty policies, capture accurate claim information, automate claims processing, and track all warranty costs.

      About Mize

      Mize enables companies to optimize key post-sale customer interaction events such as product registration, warranty, service plans, parts, support, service, and maintenance to increase customer satisfaction and retention. Mize connected customer experience platform and Smart Blox elevate customer experience and engagement with the customers, build more knowledge about the customers and products, and increase revenue from the existing customer install base. Mize harnesses the web, mobile, cloud, IoT, and analytics technologies to maximize customer lifetime value. Please visit for more information.

      About Elliott Equipment Company

      Elliott Equipment Company was founded in 1948 by Richard Elliott, an industry pioneer, who developed the first truck-mounted telescoping aerial work platform and crane. Elliott Equipment Company builds and supports telescoping work platforms and cranes which help workers do an amazing array of jobs from the Hi-Reach to the Skywalk and Boom Truck and E-Line. Elliott products are used by leaders in industries such as electrical construction, signs and lighting, oil and gas, construction, railroad and transit, department of transportation, utility, public works, ports, and mining. Please visit for more information.