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      2 min read

      Premium 2000+ selects Mize Warranty software to manage Truck Warranty Programs

      Tampa, FL September 19, 2016

      Premium 2000+ is implementing Mize software to manage warranty contracts, support, claims and payment processing.

      Premium 2000+ has been offering used truck warranties since 2000 and has enabled dealers to offer extended warranties on used trucks as an added feature to help sell the used trucks. Premium has pioneered in offering dealer self-inspection, coverage of various components and simple pricing.

      “Premium 2000+ offers a comprehensive warranty program for commercial used trucks that was simple to understand and was easy to apply.” said Lynn Murphy, CEO of Premium 2000. “The new warranty management system we are implementing makes it easier for dealers and customers to do business with us and demonstrates our commitment to help our dealers sell more trucks and grow their businesses.”

      “We are excited that Premium 2000+ has selected Mize as their software partner to implement Mize Warranty Management software to manage their commercial truck warranty programs.” said Ashok Kartham, CEO of Mize. The system will make it easier for thousands of dealers, repair facilities and customers of Premium 2000+ to process warranty contracts, claims and other inquiries online.”

      Mize offers complete Warranty lifecycle management software in Cloud using SaaS model making it easier for companies to implement the solution quickly and cost effectively. Using Mize Service Plans, companies can configure different warranty programs, pricing and reimbursement terms. Mize Warranty claims capture the repair information, supporting details and communication in one place making the decisions on claims fast and reliable. Mize CX Connect makes integration with ERP and financial systems seamless to manage contract sales and claim payments.

      “Our business has been growing and we needed a software system that can enable us to support the growth by helping to streamline the contract and claims processes.” said Lynn Murphy. “We selected Mize as our partner because of their understanding of the industry, specialization in warranty management and software that meets our needs.”

      About Mize

      Mize enables companies to optimize key post-sale customer interaction events such as product registration, warranty, service plans, parts, support, service, and maintenance to increase customer satisfaction and retention. Mize connected customer experience platform and Smart Blox elevate customer experience and engagement with the customers, build more knowledge about the customers and products, and increase revenue from the existing customer install base. Mize harnesses web, mobile, cloud, IoT, and analytics technologies to maximize customer lifetime value. Please visit for more information.

      About Premium 2000+

      Premium 2000+™ is the Original “NO HOOPS” Used Truck Warranty Company. Premium 2000+ fulfills the need for dealers to be able to offer a comprehensive warranty program that allowed the dealer the ability to inspect their own trucks, a program that was simple to understand, and was easy to apply. Premium 2000+ has headquarters and 24-Hour Claims Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and area managers across United States. Please visit for more information.