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      2 min read

      Mize announces 16.1 release of Mize Warranty, next generation Warranty software

      Tampa, FL February 29, 2016

      Mize launches progressive warranty management software platform.

      Some of the key enhancements in this release of Mize Warranty software include:

      • Bill of Material (BOM) plays a key role in tracking product failures, warranty coverage, cost and supplier responsibility. Using m-Warranty, OEMs can now link policy coverage terms, failures, labor operations and parts list to BOM at system, assembly, component and a part level.
      • Warranty claim may originate from a support case, work order or a service bulletin. m-Warranty make it easy to generate a claim from other transactions and all of these related together allowing users to easily navigate from one transaction to all related transactions.
      • Policy Manager has been further enhanced to provide flexibility and control to warranty managers over all types of claims, coverage terms & conditions, return policies, and supplier recovery policies.
      • Warranty systems are generally fragmented by the regional, department and company boundaries. m-Warranty enables companies to have a single global system across all regions, product lines, languages, currencies and transactions.
      • Using CX Connect capabilities that are part of Mize platform, can be seamlessly integrated with ERP and CRM systems such as SAP, Oracle, and

      “Mize warranty software is now being used by companies in diverse industries such as Heavy equipment, Automotive, Transportation, Home warranty and Consumer devices.”  said Ashok Kartham, CEO of Mize “Mize software solution reflects the decades of experience in the warranty software industry and best practices. The current release of our Warranty software further solidifies the many benefits to OEMs by unifying and streamlining the entire warranty lifecycle.”

      Mize Warranty leverages cloud, mobile, IoT and advance analytics technologies to provide next generation of warranty software for companies.

      “Making it simpler to use, flexible to manage and easier to integrate have been key priorities for our warranty management software.” said Mike Stroffolino, Sr Product Manager at Mize “A common theme for most of the enhancements has been enabling “Connectedness” across the extended enterprise, various warranty and service processes, and systems.”

      “Mize offers a very cost effective solution that replaces multiple point solutions at companies” said Eric Gullekson, customer engagement manager at Mize, “The cost of the system can be easily paid back in months from reduced warranty costs, improved product quality, increased supplier recovery and consolidation of system support and maintenance costs.”

      The product launch will include a Webinar on March 10th at 1 PM EST. Mike Stroffolino, Sr Product Manager at Mize, will share and demonstrate how companies can benefit from unifying and streamlining warranty life-cycle management using Mize Warranty software. Webinar registration is open now at

      About Mize – - Mize simplifies the customer experience by transforming how companies engage today’s connected and mobile customers. Mize directly connects customers and extended enterprise with brands, enabling easier access to products, knowledge, and services. The Mize Connected Customer Experience platform enables a personalized user experience, flexible brand orchestration, actionable insights, and seamless enterprise integration. Mize portfolio of Smart Blox can easily be assembled to deliver differentiated customer experience and engagement at important touch points throughout the customer lifecycle. For more information on Mize, visit