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      Pioneer in Warranty and Service Contracts for 2015.

      Tampa, FL March 12, 2015

      Mize CEO Ashok Kartham awarded the Pioneer in Warranty and Service Contracts for 2015.

      The Global Warranty and Service Contract Association (GWSCA) used the occasion of the Warranty Chain Management Conference in Miami (March 10-12) to announce its 2015 industry award winners. A call for nominations was issued in late 2014. The nominations were reviewed by GWSCA Board nomination committee.


      “Ashok Kartham has been the successful founder of not just one, but two companies, providing invaluable technology and support in warranty and service contract management. In addition to those efforts, he has always found the time and money to support Warranty Chain Management, GWSCA, and young entrepreneurs in his new home, Tampa, FL. Both his drive, as well as his commitment to his industry and community, are deserving of special recognition.” said Terry Hawkins, President of GWSCA.

      The m-ize Warranty Solution incorporates industry standard business process management, workflow automation, and business rules to streamline and automate all warranty and service processes. Our Warranty Solution improves quality and integrity of warranty data by validating all aspects of claims with extensive business rules and incorporating data feeds from mobile and diagnostic devices directly into claim forms.

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      Download Our Warranty Datasheet