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      2 min read

      Mize, Inc. announces the availability of “Warranty Connect”

      Tampa, FL September 16, 2015

      Mize launching Warranty Connect at the GWSCA Second Annual Conference on Warranty & Service Contracts in Chicago.

      Warranty Smart Blox from Mize supports the entire warranty lifecycle including pre-delivery inspections (PDI), registrations, warranty claims, parts returns, supplier recovery, and warranty analysis. Mize Warranty Connect extends the warranty solution as a shared hub for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, retailers, suppliers, and customers to easily exchange warranty transaction information including registrations, claims, returns (RMA), pre-approvals, payments, and supporting data such as pictures and inspections.

      “Mize Warranty solution enables all stakeholders in the warranty lifecycle to seamlessly exchange warranty information,” said Ashok Kartham, CEO of Mize. “Warranty Connect will eliminate the need for multiple warranty systems and redundant data entry, resulting in faster cycle times and lower warranty cost.”

      Mize Warranty Connect allows multi-branded channel partners to use a single warranty system with multiple OEMs and all suppliers to have one standard way to receive and process claims from the OEMs. By standardizing the failure coding model, Warranty Connect will enable manufacturers and suppliers to detect and fix emerging quality issues faster and more effectively.

      Warranty Connect will integrate with the existing dealer management, ERP/CRM, and other systems to streamline the data flows across the extended enterprise to improve warranty and quality management.

      Warranty Connect maps and translates the transactional data to speed up the process to exchange and process claims. With capabilities such as supporting multiple languages, currencies, and return shipments, companies can utilize Warranty Connect as a single system to manage warranty globally.

      “Warranty Connect will bring different companies to work collaboratively to improve industry standards and warranty operations. This is something the warranty market has been asking for a very long time,” said Terry Hawkins, GWSCA President. “We’re very excited to see Mize lead with their unique and innovative approach to connect all participants in warranty and service processes.”

      About Mize
      Mize simplifies the customer experience by transforming how companies engage today’s connected and mobile customers. Mize directly connects customers and extended enterprise with Brands, enabling easier access to products, knowledge, and services. The Mize Smarter Customer Engagement platform enables a personalized user experience, flexible brand orchestration, actionable insights, and seamless enterprise integration. Mize portfolio of Smart Blox can easily be assembled to deliver differentiated customer experience and engagement at important touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle. For more information on Mize, visit