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      2 min read

      KCMA Corporation Goes Live with Mize Parts Ordering Solution

      Tampa, FL April 2, 2015

      KCMA launches Mize service parts management system.

      KCMA Corporation (KCMA) and Mize, Inc. have announced the release of the Advanced Parts Ordering system to simplify and streamline service parts orders.

      “KCMA maintains an extensive inventory of parts. Dealers can initiate an order instantly and get the parts where they are needed anywhere, keeping the product downtime to a minimum,” said Gary Bell, Vice-President, General-Manager at KCMA. “We are excited to announce the release of a new Parts Order system in partnership with Mize. This system advances our mission to make it easier to do business with KCMA by simplifying the order process, speeding up frequently placed orders, and by integrating directly with our part warehouse system and third-party logistics providers.”

      KCMA Parts Ordering Solution was built utilizing Mize’s Smarter Customer Engagement platform and Parts Sales Smart Blox. The Parts Sales solution is used by KCMA’s extensive network of independent, local dealers serving the North American market to manage part orders, returns, discounts, substitutions, and shipping.

      “We are delighted that KCMA has selected Mize Parts Sales Solution to improve overall service experience. Mize portfolio of Smart Blox reduce the cost of development and delivery to market,” said Ashok Kartham, CEO of Mize. “KCMA will gain greater flexibility and control over their parts systems with Mize Customer Central.”

      “By leveraging the latest technologies, this Parts Ordering system provides an efficient and timesaving way for our dealers to place their orders,” said Chris Trogstad, Asst. Senior Manager - Operations, KCMA. “As a complete solution, it offers us the necessary flexibility and control to manage various aspects of parts ordering. We’re excited to bring this innovative solution to our dealers. KCMA’s partnership with Mize represents great things for our future. KCMA will be able to further enhance Customer Experience by taking advantage of Mize’s solution for mobilizing all service processes.”

      About KCMA Corporation

      In 2009, KCM Corporation was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries.   With their vast technological resources KCM developed the Z7 series of wheel loaders to facilitate the Tier 4 emissions requirement. This effort resulted in the most productive, reliable and cost effective product either company has ever produced, propelling KCM into a global leadership position in the wheel loader market. For more information on KCMA, visit

      About Mize

      Mize simplifies the customer experience by transforming how companies engage today’s connected and mobile customers. Mize directly connects customers and extended enterprise with brands, enabling easier access to products, knowledge, and services. The Mize Smarter Customer Engagement platform enables a personalized user experience, flexible brand orchestration, actionable insights, and seamless enterprise integration. Mize portfolio of Smart Blox can easily be assembled to deliver differentiated customer experience and engagement at important touch points throughout the customer lifecycle. For more information on Mize, visit