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      2 min read

      Mize Announces Webinar | Drive Revenue & Loyalty by Engaging Mobile & Social Consumers

      Tampa, FL April 11, 2013

      Mize presents "Drive Revenue & Loyalty by Engaging Mobile & Social Consumers."

      Today’s always-on consumers are demanding more relevant experiences, regardless of where they are located, or what device they’re using. To meet this demand, marketers need to put the right products, in front of the right customers, at the right time.

      An expert panel will discuss the findings of the new white paper published by the Institute for Mobile Market Research, immr, a research and consulting firm focused on pursuing strategic market opportunities. Attendees have the opportunity to learn best practices for engaging mobile and social consumers.

      The Webinar "Drive Revenue & Loyalty by Engaging Mobile & Social Consumers" will be held on Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 1 PM EST. The Webinar is free and open to all marketing, sales and service industry executives; registration is available online at:

      The panel includes Dr. Philip Hendrix, Ph.D., Founder and Director of immr and Contributing Analyst for GigaOm Pro. Joining Dr. Hendrix is Doug Stephens, one of the world’s foremost retail industry futurists, and Author of a groundbreaking new book; The Retail Revival: Reimagining Business for the New Age of Consumerism.

      Key discussion points include:

      • Key Moments of Truth Across Customer's Journey
      • Strategies to Engage Today's Mobile & Social Consumers
      • Opportunities for Leading Edge Brands & Retailers

      " The next evolution of customer engagement is all about using personalized data; presenting the customer with the most relevant products, specific to their preferences" said Dr. Hendrix, "We'll explore consumer engagement including how to mobilize, socialize and personalize product information, recommendations and notifications. Attendees will discover how the combination of these three segments can help increase customer engagement, enhance business and nurture brand loyalty."

      " For the last 2,000 years, retailing has fundamentally operated along the same set of principles. Manufacturers make, retailers sell and consumers simply consume" said Mr. Stephens. “Today however, technology is rewriting both the rules of retail, and the roles that each of these actors play. The very concept of what a store is, is being challenged, reshaped and shifted daily.

      " Our mission is to enable smarter customer engagement; connecting brands with mobile and social consumers to discover, evaluate and service products" said Mize, Inc. CEO, Ashok Kartham “We are proud to provide this white paper and webinar while companies are in the midst of looking for new, effective ways to drive revenue and loyalty.”

      About Mize, Inc.

      Mize connects smarter consumers with products, advice, community and support, while enabling brands to engage with consumers at the moment of intent. Mize harnesses social, mobile and cloud technologies in innovative ways for consumers and brands to interact. The Mize brand portal, platform services, and consumer apps provide a unique and comprehensive solution for today’s consumer-centric marketplace. Mize software enables enterprises to drive revenue growth and customer loyalty while simplifying the way consumers discover, own, and maintain their products.