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      Mize Continues Global Expansion, Opens New Office in Hyderabad, India.

      Hyderabad, India February 13, 2013

      Mize expands, opens office in Hyderabad, India.

      Mize, the leading provider of smarter customer engagement solutions for brands, retailers and service providers today announced continued global expansion with the addition of new office in Hyderabad, India. The new facilities will complement, enhance and support the U.S. Headquarters of Mize, Inc., based in Tampa, Florida.

      “There is a massive opportunity in the market segment that we have identified as ‘Smarter Customer Engagement’ and we are excited to establish our new office in Hyderabad” said Ashok Kartham, Founder and CEO of Mize, Inc. “Hyderabad has grown into a major software hub in India for many global software companies. We are excited to leverage our new development center in reaching our product release and market milestones for Mize in the coming months and years.”

      The Mize India team has decades of experience in product development, testing applications and managing cloud based solutions. “Mize India Team comprises of accomplished group of experts, experienced management and talented technical team” Said Ashok Kartham. Sasi Dasari who joined Mize India last year is managing the development center in Hyderabad, says “We are creating a team of experts in diversified technologies to create cross platform consumer mobile apps on leading platforms like iOS, Android and Windows 8 and connect these apps to the cloud based services which enable smarter consumer engagement.” He also said “The development center in Hyderabad will play a key role in R&D, product development and testing. Mize plans to grow its team in coming months by recruiting talented people having experience in mobile development, cloud computing and big data analytics.”


      “The proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, coupled with the end-users expectation of information and services on demand, anywhere, anytime, is propelling a change in how people discover, purchase and maintain their products,” “A huge shift is upon us and the way brands, service providers and retailers address these new challenges will ultimately define them and their bottom line. Mize is poised to harness these market dynamics and we look forward to play a leading role in the success of brands that embrace and deploy smarter customer engagement solutions.” said Kartham.

      Smart devices like phones and tablets are growing at much faster rate than any previous consumer technologies like Personal computers. Consumers are increasingly using these smart devices to research, buy, service and replace the products they use. Mize consumer apps and solutions will connect consumers to brands to access products, knowledge and services easily and conveniently from anywhere whether they are at home, on the road or in a shop.

      About Mize Inc.

      Mize connects smarter consumers with products, advice, community and support, while enabling brands to engage with consumers at the moment of intent. Mize harnesses social, mobile and cloud technologies in innovative ways for consumers and brands to interact. The Mize brand portal, platform services, and consumer apps provide a unique and comprehensive solution for today’s consumer-centric marketplace. Mize software enables enterprises to drive revenue growth and customer loyalty while simplifying the way consumers discover, own, and maintain their products.