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      2 min read

      Mize, Inc. CEO Presenting at the 2013 Warranty Chain Management Conference

      Tampa, FL March 13, 2013

      Mize presenting “Using Technology to Enhance Warranty Sales.”

      Mize, Inc. the leading provider of Smarter Customer Engagement solutions for brands, service providers and retailers, today announced that their Chief Executive Officer, Ashok Kartham will be presenting at the upcoming Warranty Chain Management Conference. The WCM Conference is scheduled to take place March 12–14, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina in San Diego, CA. Mr. Kartham will be participating in the panel session entitled “Using Technology to Enhance Warranty Sales” on Wednesday, March 13th at 10:45 AM.

      Moderated by John Estrada, President of Dering & Estrada; other distinguished panel members joining Mr. Kartham include; Darius Bullock, Manager, Protection Plans & Strategy, Lowes, Michael Bailey, President of Superior Warranty Consultancy Services and Kelly Forese, Chief Executive Officer of Registria. The session promises to be both insightful and enlightening, providing delegates with actionable takeaways resulting in return on invest.

      “Mize is looking forward to the upcoming WCM event” said CEO Kartham “We’re pleased to be sharing our viewpoint with the delegates in attendance at this prestigious event. We excited about introducing our technology solutions which enable Smarter Customer Engagement for brands, OEMs, retailers and service providers. The Mize solution provides a company with a comprehensive tool set that allows them to engage today’s mobile and social consumers via their smartphones. We put the brand in the consumer’s hand!”.

      The Mize brand portal, platform services and consumer-facing smartphone apps provide a unique and flexible, end-to-end solution for today’s consumer-centric marketplace. Mize harnesses social, mobile and cloud technologies enabling brands to engage with consumers at the moment of intent.

      “Our message is that enterprise companies can drive revenue growth and customer loyalty by engaging the customer throughout the entire product lifecycle” said Strategic Account Executive Eric Gullekson, “We’re not focused on back-office or warranty processing services, we help brands by providing a two-way communication channel that extends beyond the warranty stage. Mize concentrates on getting brands closer to the customer than ever before. As a result ancillary sales opportunities including accessories, extended warranties and next generation of products are more easily taken up by the customers”.

      The Warranty Chain Management Conference is intended to appeal to a diverse range of companies encompassing electronics, automotive, aerospace and white goods industries; as well as their service providers and companies who develop tools and software which support the multi-billion dollar warranty industries. There are very few forums which specifically enable warranty professionals to come together to share best practices and learn of the challenges and solutions from other competitive and comparative industries.

      “Today’s consumers are not engaging with traditional media sources” reports CEO Kartham, “they increasingly rely on mobile and social networks for their news and information, resulting in a disconnection from brands and their messages”. The Mize solution provides a unique, two-way communication network between the two factions allowing both parties to interact when and where they deem necessary. From the product discovery, evaluation and the purchase decision phases, on through registration, warranty, post-sales support and customer retention segments. The Mize platform provides tools related to the marketing, sales and support functions of enterprise clients, while providing sought-after, relevant services for modern social and mobile consumers.

      About Mize, Inc.

      Mize connects smarter consumers with products, advice, community and support, while enabling brands to engage with consumers at the moment of intent. Mize harnesses social, mobile and cloud technologies in innovative ways for consumers and brands to interact. The Mize brand portal, platform services, and consumer apps provide a unique and comprehensive solution for today’s consumer-centric marketplace. Mize software enables enterprises to drive revenue growth and customer loyalty while simplifying the way consumers discover, own, and maintain their products.