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      5 min read

      Optimize Knowledge access for Field Service Technicians

      It is hard to imagine how life would be without Google Search? “Google it” has come to symbolize the simple and fast way to find anything we want from any source around the world in just a few seconds. But the way the service technicians find the information they need to perform a service job remains archaic, hard, and time-consuming. Technicians spend up to 6 hours in a week researching the information they need to do their jobs. The lack of knowledge at the point of service results in extended downtime for customers, secondary service visits, and lost productivity.

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      2 min read

      Mobilize Service Knowledge to improve Technician productivity and first-time fix rates

      As Products are getting more complex and product cycles are getting shorter, the service technicians cannot be expected to know all aspects of servicing your products. It is not practical to expect these technicians have the required training ahead of time.

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