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      Field Service Insights

      1 min read

      5 Things Customer-Centric Field Service Organizations Do Differently

      Field Service Organizations have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and retention, and can help generate higher margin revenues from the loyal customer base. 

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      5 min read

      Orchestrating Field Service to Optimize the Customer Experience

      Durable goods manufacturers and their service partners rely on skilled field service technicians to provide installation, inspection, repair, and maintenance services at customer locations. Many companies are currently managing the field service touch-points through multiple systems and department silos; using phone calls, emails, shared files, sticky notes and paper forms. The inefficient field service processes and systems result in increased customer churn, unproductive service technicians, and missed revenue opportunities with customers.

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      2 min read

      Data – The DNA to Developing Your X-Factor in Business

      If in the past you interviewed any great business leader about what it took to build a great business, they would probably have pointed to three (3) basic elements:

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      7 min read

      Strategies for unlocking the value of your Service Supply Chain

      IIt is probably no surprise to you that truly exceptional companies have been able to generate substantial profits from better management of their service supply chain. In fact, some companies have seen tremendous growth in both top line revenue and bottom line profitability by maximizing the value of their Service Supply Chain.

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      3 min read

      Digital Transformation Trend: Changing “Business as Usual”

      Perhaps the trend that is having the greatest influence on the adoption of AR/VR/MR platforms is not the affordability or stability of the technology but the commitment by today’s leading corporations to embrace Digital Transformation (DX). Rather than utilizing technologies simply to streamline and automate existing business processes and transactions, digital transformation means utilizing technological innovation such AR/VR/MR to change the very way business is conducted, resulting in new business models and cultures.

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