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      5 min read

      Orchestrating Field Service to Optimize the Customer Experience

      Durable goods manufacturers and their service partners rely on skilled field service technicians to provide installation, inspection, repair, and maintenance services at customer locations. Many companies are currently managing the field service touch-points through multiple systems and department silos; using phone calls, emails, shared files, sticky notes and paper forms. The inefficient field service processes and systems result in increased customer churn, unproductive service technicians, and missed revenue opportunities with customers.


      Rube Goldberg Service Delivery

      Companies and their service partners have a lot of moving pieces that require internal and external orchestration to achieve service delivery success. Orchestrating Field and Back Office Services is a common challenge to improve first-time fix rate and overall field performance. The current service delivery model looks like a complicated Rube Goldberg machine as illustrated above.

      Customer experience optimization requires unifying departments, data, processes and all stakeholders interacting with service delivery on some level. Every function needs to be orchestrated to provide an Optimal Customer Service Experience. The table below suggests that Field Service is not separate from other business functions, rather a unification of all touch-points and processes, across service channels and throughout the service lifecycle.

      Mize Optimal Customer Service Experience

      Many small performances by stakeholders or departmental teams do not add up to a great orchestra. By considering the customer as the recipient (or audience) of a successful performance, a field service organization can bring all resources together like a great orchestra to deliver the experience that customers would love.

      Lets set the stage by looking at three key characteristics of a great service delivery performance.

      1. Connect: Connected by a common vision and working together in harmony
      2. Enable: Enable field service technicians to deliver expected service
      3. Engage: Engage your customers at all touch-points


      1. Connected Field Service

      There are many challenges to delivering a quality customer experience. The root of them all is the disconnected and fragmented activities. Start by aligning to a common vision and working together in harmony.

      Orchestrate Processes with MizeExternal Business Objectives

      • Make it easier for customers to do business with you
      • Minimize the contact points for the customer
      • Keep customer informed and engaged along the way
      • Generate additional Service Revenues
      • Provide a feedback channel to measure customer satisfaction

      Internal Business Objectives

      • Enable your stakeholders to be on the same page with full information access
      • Mobilize your workforce
      • Provide efficient planning and scheduling tools
      • Forward and return parts logistics
      • Collect relevant data to gain meaningful insights
      • Integrate various systems and automate business flows

            Enable Field Service Technicians

      Your field technicians are on the front lines and can provide critical insight into what solutions could work best. They deal with customer problems on a daily basis and know which tools will make their jobs easier. Delivering successful field service on customer equipment is more than arriving within the expected time frames. Being able to provide the technicians with full visibility into the equipment so he/she can get it fixed on the first visit is top priority. It is the difference between providing top-notch service and losing customers.

      Mize Mobile Capabilities

      Digitize Technician toolbox to access all resources

      • Warranty: Terms/Conditions, Extended/Renewals
      • Service Plans: Repairs & Maintenance
      • Inspections: Forms & Service Quotes
      • Knowledge: Access to Knowledge documents
      • Parts: Access to: Parts Ordering & 2D/3D, Parts Catalog, Schematics & Accessories/Components
      • Technician Support: Multi-Technician Collaboration & On-Video Chats
      • Online/Offline Mobility
      • Other: iOT, Augmented Reality
      • Performance metrics, Analytics, Reporting
      1. Engage the Customers

      Customers must be at the center of Field Service Management to enhance the service experience and improve customer retention. To meet the rising expectations of connected and empowered customers, Field Service Organizations should create excitement by improving the visibility of the entire field service process to customers.

      Mize Connected Customer Experience

      Provide a simple and unified customer portal to empower and engage customers:

      • Manage and Access all Products Information (Product 360)
      • Check Warranty entitlements on equipment
      • Buy Service Plans
      • Buy Consumables or Parts/Accessories
      • Knowledge/Self-help
      • Request and Schedule Service
      • Receive and Approve service quotes
      • Check the status of service jobs
      • Provide feedback on the service experience (VOC)
      • Access Customer Community

      A great performance by an orchestra results in an engaged audience – who experienced a great show – who will come back for more and recommend the show to their friends. Businesses want similar things. Delighted customers – who return for more and recommend your products and services to others.

      By orchestrating your Field Service Organization on the right stage/platform to facilitate better service interactions means optimal customer experience and more revenues for your organization.

      Here is simple worksheet you can download to get started on Orchestrating Field Service in your Organization.

      Download Worksheet

      Mize Field Service Management Solution

      Mize Field Service Management solution enables companies to optimize the service experience and maximize customer lifetime value. Mize Connected Customer Experience Platform and unique Smart Blox harness the web, mobile, cloud, IoT, and analytics technologies to simplify the customer experience, improve technician productivity, and grow service revenues. Mize FSM solution combines many service functions into one unified solution that helps companies to orchestrate more effective customer service. Mize software orchestrates Warranty, Service Contracts, Service Parts, Knowledge, Contact Centers, and Field Service to drive customer loyalty and service profitability.

      Request a demo now to learn how you can optimize your Field Service to improve customer experience,
      technician productivity, and aftermarket revenues.

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