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      Construction and Ag Equipment Manufacturers trust Mize to solve business challenges.

      The Mize team of global experts has decades of experience in providing product support and customer service software solutions to the Heavy Equipment Industry. 


      High reliability, up-time, and performance

      With Mize Connected Customer Experience solutions, you will enable your customers to maximize value and minimize operating costs.
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      AGCO Testimony


      Mize Connected CX enhances our Service Technician's productivity by providing readily available technical product information from a single-source database, accessible by mobile devices.


      Bill Fitzgibbon
      VP Global Dealer Technical Support


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      "Mize's Warranty Management automation enables us to manage our warranty costs, improve product quality, and enhance data sharing with our manufacturing operations, supplier network and suppliers.


      Jeff Stewart



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      Delivering the right Knowledge, Parts, Support, and Field Service at the job site is critical.


      In response to the evolution of customer needs, accelerating the digitization of Field Service is a necessity for heavy equipment manufacturers because:

      • Pre-delivery and Service Inspections and IoT are needed to manage fleets and help proactively service equipment 
      • Service Plans beyond Warranty ensures that customers can protect their investment for the duration of their ownership
      • As the equipment is generally at remote sites, the service center locator and mobile-enabled techs enable service delivery.
      Heavy Equipment customers maximize efficiency and minimize operating costs. Read more about how organizations use Mize in our News:


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      Modernizing Warranty Management Systems: IT Department's Role in Building a Streamlined Service Lifecycle

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      ROI Analysis Proves Business Case for Modernizing Warranty Management

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      The Best Way to Utilize Warranty Management to Ensure Recurring Revenue Streams

      Recent Study Indicates Utilization of Warranty Management Strategy Ensures Recurring Revenue Streams

      Strategies For...

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