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      Consumer Durables manufacturers maximize customer lifetime value by creating a direct connection.

      Most manufacturers of consumer durables, such as residential major appliances and HVAC systems, may not even know their end customers. Simplifying Product Registration will increase registration rates and establish a direct connection to the customers.


      Eliminate manual processing

      Mize Warranty Management allows service claim events to be automatically adjudicated and validated, eliminates manual processing, reduces fraud, and reimburses third-party authorized service providers faster.


      Trek uses Mize


      “Mize Supplier Warranty Portal provides online access to important warranty information to all of our suppliers globally. Sharing warranty claim data and quality metrics help us to collaborate on improving quality and address any emerging issues in a timely fashion.”


      Dave Bunton
      Director of Global Warranty Operations

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      electrolux uses Mize


      “The Mize Knowledge Management tool has really help Electrolux get our technical information into the hands of our Technicians. It has simplified access to Service Bulletins, Technical Flashes, Videos, and Electronic Parts Catalog. The On Video chat feature has been extremely helpful to our Quality Team.”

      Steven Zannos
      Sr. Director, Service Delivery


      Aftershokz Mize Testimony


      "We selected Mize because it was a nice balance between a proven open-box solution and a customizable one we could really make our own. It was a way for us to solve many of the problems we were experiencing easily."


      Kristen Szustakowski
      Customer Experience Director

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      By offering extended warranties and other services such as preventative maintenance programs and subscription services, manufacturers extend the customer relationship and generate additional revenues.


      Registrations also reduce customer support costs by reducing average support call handling times by as much as 50%. The customer’s product, including model number, serial number, name, and address, is in the system before making contact.

      Improving the accuracy of product diagnostics with the right Knowledge and ensuring service parts are with the assigned field service technician during a service call, first call completion rates increase by nearly 70%.

      Whenever parts need to be researched or ordered, Parts Connect provides technicians with fast and easy access to their preferred parts distributors or internal company parts stocking locations right from their mobile device.

      The Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled residential smart appliances to self-monitor so that manufacturers can determine if devices are operating within expected performance parameters. Using that information, manufacturers can proactively contact their customers, schedule service calls or orders, and send consumer replaceable items such as hardware.

      When in-home repair service becomes necessary, Mize provides a unified Field Service Management software platform to efficiently organize, optimize, and manage employed and third-party workforce service delivery. Further, it is customizable, brandable, and scalable for any manufacturer of residential consumer products. Service Eco-System partners, including authorized service providers and factory technicians, are connected via the Cloud to accept job work orders and manage all aspects of service events in real-time using Channel Connect, a unified mobile app.

      Mize also offers specialized web portals and mobile apps that increase customer convenience. Service customers can view service provider calendars, see technician availability, schedule, reschedule, or cancel onsite service visits easier than before. In turn, the portal management software sends customers automatic reminders about appointments and updates about technician status by email, text, or phone.

      In summary, Mize enables companies to optimize key post-sale customer interaction events, including product registration, warranty, service plans, parts, support, service, and maintenance to enhance customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. The Mize Connected Customer Experience platform and Smart Blox elevates the customer experience, builds more knowledge about the customers and products, and increases revenue from the existing customer install base. Mize enables manufacturers to harness web, mobile, cloud, IoT, and analytics technologies to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value.

      Consumer Durables customers maximize efficiency and minimize operating costs with Mize. Read more about it in our News:


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