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      Standardize customer-facing processes across claims groups and improve knowledge quality for Building Materials manufacturers.

      The global building or construction materials industry faces many challenges, including globalization, labor shortages, cost pressures, and sustainability. To remain profitable and competitive in this global market, building material manufacturers need to streamline all customer-facing processes.


      Connect all of the stakeholders

      The building materials industry includes many stakeholders in the value chain, including manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, contractors, and end consumers.
      Connecting Stakeholders




      “We selected Mize as our solution partner because the Mize software allows us to leverage the industry best practices, standardize processes across claim groups, provide flexibility for future processes, and have a significant improvement in data quality and analytics.“


      Vance Thomas
      Corporate Warranty Manager



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      Optimize the customer experience by offering extended warranties and service contracts.

      Builders and end-consumers demand better service, quality, and sustainability of the materials found in their homes and buildings.  Mize provides the CX Platform to connect all these stakeholders and industry-leading solutions for Warranty, Service Contracts, Field Service, and Service Parts.


      Manufacturers’ warranties on building materials are very long, twenty years in some cases.  Also, the claims can be substantially large when compared to other industries. According to Warranty Week, the building material suppliers in the US alone paid out more than $1 Billion in Warranty Claims per year.  A building is made of hundreds of interdependent materials from various suppliers, making it difficult to maintain, repair, and track warranty responsibility in case of a failure.  This, of course, creates an additional expense burden for building material manufacturers.

      Mize offers a robust and flexible Warranty Management Solution that addresses the needs of the building materials industry. Mize Inspections application enables the inspectors to capture the right data onsite to help with the claims process. Mize Claims process ensures the accuracy of data while improving the efficiency and automation of the claims process. Mize CX Insights make you more effective in reducing warranty costs and improve profitability.

      As the building material industry becomes increasingly global, Mize enables companies to consolidate various regional systems into a global system supporting multiple languages, currencies, warranty policies, and service delivery models. Mize Platform and Solutions enable building material manufacturers to be more efficient, effective, and profitable.

      In addition to new construction, building material suppliers can generate additional revenue and profits from customers’ demand for greater resiliency and sustainability of residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects.  Mize enables manufacturers to maximize customer lifetime value by generating higher margin revenues from customers and products' existing install base.  This is achieved through Mize’s ability to help manufacturers optimize customer experience and offer extended warranties and service contracts.

      Building Materials customers maximize efficiency and minimize operating costs with Mize. Read more about it in our News:


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