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      Customer Experience Transformation Services

      Mize will transform the customer experience for enterprises by providing comprehensive consulting and implementation services. Using the services of Mize experts, companies can:

      • Accelerate time-to-value of customer engagement and experience initiatives
      • Realize significant Return On Investment (ROI) through Mize solutions
      • Enhance end-user experience through engaging and branded designs
      • Reduce implementation costs and risk by leveraging proven methodologies and industry best practices.

      Complete range of services to achieve customer success

      By utilizing a customer-centric agile approach, the Mize team helps achieve desired business outcomes rapidly and effectively.

      Global Team of Experts

      Mize has assembled a global team of experienced business and technical professionals that bring unmatched skills and expertise to configure, extend, deploy and support innovative customer experience solutions.

      The Mize team is knowledgeable in business processes, platform services, leading-edge technologies and portfolio of Smart Blox to enable businesses to engage today’s mobile and social customers.

      The team has the experience and track record covering all aspects of solution implementation and can fulfill the following roles to augment and support customer teams:

      • Project Manager
      • Business Analyst
      • User Experience and Interface (UX/UI)
      • Solution Architect
      • Software Engineer
      • Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst
      • Quality Analyst
      • Technical Writer
      • Support Analyst

      Rely on Mize to Deliver Results

      Partner with Mize to transform Customer Experience Management (CEM) utilizing state-of-the-art software and services.

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      Request a Demo on how you can deploy industry-leading customer service applications.



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