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      Global Experts Support Mize Customers

      Investing in SaaS technology to further your Service Lifecycle Management journey is a great first step, but it takes continuous effort to optimize a connected customer experience.  By purchasing the Mize Solution, you will partner with a support team committed to your success and has the resources, knowledge, and expertise your organization needs to excel.


      Standard Mize Support

      By utilizing a customer-centric approach, the Mize team helps achieve desired business outcomes effectively worldwide.
      • Access to support on multiple channels

      • Online resources including best practice documentation, WalkMe tutorials, and user manuals

      • Online submission, tracking, and resolution of support requests


      Mize Support reduces risk, maximizes uptime, and lowers the Total Cost of Ownership.

      Support helps customers realize the best value by ensuring continuous operations and availability of software and services. The Mize team of global experts is available to answer questions and resolve technical issues.

      Additional premium support services are available to provide enhanced customer service levels.

      For more information about Mize service and support, please contact us today.


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