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      Mize Customer Central Experience


      Orchestrate Connected Customer Experience

      Mize Customer Central Screenshot

      Get the Connected Customer Experience your Customers Demand 

      As the balance of power shifts more towards customers, companies are losing control of the customer relationships resulting in higher customer churn and lost revenues. Customer Central empowers the Customer Service and Support organizations to orchestrate Connected Customer Experience across multiple channels to drive customer satisfaction, retention, and engagement.






      Empower Customer Service and Support Managers 

      Service organizations are dealing with fragmented systems resulting in the loss of visibility over the customer-facing service processes. Customer Central is the Control Panel for business managers from Contact Centers, Warranty, Service, Parts, Support, and Field Service to facilitate adaptable service interactions and customer journeys.

      Customer Central provides flexibility and configurability to manage the key aspects of service interactions.

      Administrator Customer Service

      Simplify Administration to Manage Service Operations effectively

      Customer Central helps you to run a service business more cost-efficiently and effectively. You can manage the Service Operations to drive satisfaction at all stages of your customer lifecycle.
      OEM Brand Administration

      Customer Central makes it easier to perform administration, setup, and configuration tasks such as:

      • Setting up the Brand Profiles
      • Managing Service Bill of Material (BOM)
      • Managing Service Campaigns
      • Service Dispatch
      • Service Resource Management
      • Maintaining the catalog of user options
      • Managing Users, Roles, and Access
      • Configuring search layouts and reports
      • Scheduling Background jobs

      Centralize Service Data Management

      The Data Silos make it harder to get a 360-degree view of the customers, and companies fail to realize the full potential lifetime value. Customer Central makes it easier to manage master data shared across all service processes, including Brands, Products, Dealers, Service Network, Customers, Parts, Knowledge, and Parts Catalogs.

      The consistency and quality of the data improve service delivery.

      CX Service Data Management

      Optimize Service process flows

      Post-sales Support, Warranty, and Service processes require manufacturers, dealers or retailers, and repair centers to collaborate. Business Process Manager within Customer Central enables you to design, create, and configure Business Rules and Business Process Flows to streamline service delivery.

      Manage the full lifecycle of service business processes to provide a unified service experience.

      Platform Optimize Service Process Flows

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      Customer Central

      Connected Customer Experience 




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