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      Innovation Provides Value

      At Mize, we make our work environment enjoyable and conducive to create amazing software user experiences.



      We constantly innovate to deliver better value for our customers. We are always thinking of our customer needs and find ways to fulfill those needs better.

      We pull together as a team to generate ideas, share ideas and build on those ideas. We value diversity and respect each other. We listen to understand first before speaking to be understood.

      We ask plenty of questions and speak up. We challenge and encourage each other to do better. We are engaged in setting our goals, creating plans and executing to accomplish those goals. We recognize and reward excellence. We expect everyone to keep their promises and contribute to meet our collective goals. We hold each other accountable. We find solutions and not put blame for the problems we face.

      We are agile in our approach and we are action oriented. We want to use simple processes to focus more on creating rather than unnecessary work that makes us inefficient.


      Intention and Attention

      At Mize, we are open to new ideas and sharing of information. We help each other to learn and grow. We continuously enhance our skills and knowledge. Our management structure is flat, we are a meritocracy.

      We work with a common vision and don’t need much supervision. We take initiative to get things done and accomplish our goals. We dream big and work as entrepreneurs to realize our full potential, not just get by.

      Our work hours are flexible. We dress comfortably. Our work spaces allow us to concentrate while enabling us to collaborate.We find joy in creating, solving problems, learning and helping. We make the journey fun and celebrate our achievements. We feel as part of family and we support each other at work or outside.We make Mize a great place where smart, talented people give life to ideas and help realize our vision. We dream big …