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      Service Technician (Tech) plays a critical role in delivering the service experience to your customers.

      Companies spend a lot of money recruiting and training these techs, but there is still a shortage of qualified service techs in most industries. Companies can make the Techs more productive by enabling them with right capabilities that save time and Improve service delivered.


      Field Service Goes Mobile

      Mobile phone or tablet has become one of the important tools in all of our lives. That mobile device can also be the most important tool in any Service Tech’s toolbox to help them with every service delivery aspect.

      Mize Channel Connect Native App on any iOS or Mobile Device or any standard web browser is a consolidated app that provides the capabilities a Tech needs in one place.



      Product 360: Access All product information and service history with a simple scan

      Mobilize Field Services through Channel Connect

      • Inspection: Perform product inspection or Check List to verify product performance and identify service required
      • Service Orders: Manage all service or work orders dispatched  and schedule of work
      • Knowledge:  Access any knowledge or training resources such as Service Manuals, Bulletins, Videos
      • Diagnostics: Access and use any data or files from other diagnostic tools
      • Support: Get help when needed by connecting to company’s technical assistance center without any waiting lines

      Mize Product 360



      Parts Catalog: Identify the right parts required for a repair with Illustrated Parts Catalog, Interactive Schematic Viewer

      • Parts Order: Check Part availability and initiate parts order
      • Warranty: View all Warranty coverages and entitlements or initiate Warranty Claim
      • IoT: Connect to the product using IoT or Telematics and view any failure codes, events or data available

      Screen Parts Catalog

      The immediate benefits pay for this software multiple times over with:

      • Improved Tech Productivity – Save a few hours a week for each Tech to work on additional work orders
      • Reduced Cost of Delivery – Reduce costs of delivery for all service resources to the Tech by consolidating into one simple App
      • Enhanced Customer Experience – Enhance service experience to improve customer satisfaction and retention
      • Increased First-time fix rates – Reduce the cost of repairs by increasing first-time fix rates with the right knowledge, Parts, and Tools


      Request a Live Demo to learn how you can enable your Service Techs today.


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