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      Warranty Claims processing

      4 min read

      Warranty Management Cost Containment

      Manufacturer's warranties play an essential role in business cycles. They can be critical to a product's sales and marketing, building market share and customer goodwill, but also add significantly to product pricing and pose accounting and cost estimation challenges. Maintaining transactional level detail is critical for manufacturers to provide meaningful management reports and data for pricing analysis and liability estimation, as well as enhancement of quality control and dealer/distributor performance monitoring.

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      2 min read

      8 Strategies to control the cost of shipping warranty related returns

      WSJ article on annual logistics report finds:

      • Costs for freight have risen steeply since the middle of last year because of rising interest rates, higher price of fuel, and driver capacity constraints
      • Average freight rate per mile have risen between 20% and 30% so far this year

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      3 min read

      5 Ways to Improve Warranty Communications

      When processing warranty claims, Warranty Processors and Service Providers resort to Emails, Phone calls, and even Fax to exchange information about the Claims. Streamlining the communications and data exchange benefits all stakeholders:

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      2 min read

      Strategies for Reducing Warranty Costs

      Warranty obligations represent both an expense and a liability to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). As a result, anything that an OEM can do to minimize warranty expenses and liabilities will have a significant impact on the balance sheet and bottom line. In the high-tech industry, warranty coverage often includes repairing defective products as opposed to crediting or replacing them.

      Warranties of this nature involve three (3) cost components: 1) Warranty Terms & Conditions, 2) Service Delivery, and 3) Product Reliability and Maintainability.

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      7 min read

      Best Practices to automate Warranty Claims processing

      Warranty Managers are faced with a dilemma on deciding the level of automation in claim processing. Automated approvals can lead to more efficiencies, but may result in excess payments from overcharges and even fraudulent claims.

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