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      Service Innovation

      5 min read

      Best Practices to Increase Service Contract Revenue

      Mize recently conducted a study among service executives and warranty professionals who are involved in marketing and selling service contracts and extended warranty (SC/EW) programs. The findings validate which strategies and tactics offer the best results.

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      2 min read

      Shared Service Knowledge to Build Ongoing Continuity

      Aly Pinder, Program Director for Service Innovation & Connected Products at IDC, discusses how knowledge transfer can be seamless across service organizations.

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      3 min read

      Webinar Recap: Manufacturers Creating Enhanced Customer Experiences by Reimagining Service Lifecycle Management

      This month's webinar, hosted by Mize, Inc., highlighted the top priorities for manufacturers and services organizations driving investments around service innovation. Improving the customer experience, growing revenue, and innovation through knowledge management figured prominently.

      Our presenters, including Aly Pinder, Program Director for Service Innovation & Connected Products at IDC, Stuart Ransom, Chief Revenue Officer of Mize and Michael Blumberg, Chief Marketing Officer of Mize, led the discussion of how end-to-end service excellence enables the framework to meet the challenges faced today and in the future.

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      Connected Customer Experience

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