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      2 min read

      OEM Service Lifecycle Management Automation Impacting Net Promoter Score

      Net promoter score (NPS) is one of the most widely used methods to identify customer satisfaction and loyalty. It's a comprehensive measure – covering both the number of promoters and detractors for the service that companies provide.

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      5 min read

      5 Tips to a Better Customer Warranty Self-Service Portal

      Manufacturers often face excessively high labor costs associated with processing warranty claims. At issue, there are often numerous touchpoints involved in supporting warranty claims. The burden on your company starts from the moment the customer purchases a product. Resources are required to register the product warranty, respond to service requests and inquiries, open a claim, issue an RMA, etc. This situation often stems from disparate and disconnected systems. Since end-users are growing increasingly comfortable with self-service and even expect it, one way to overcome these challenges is by replacing legacy systems with new applications that include customer self-service portals.

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