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      6 min read

      Why is Warranty considered a cost center but Marketing is not?

      Companies spend on average 11% of revenues on marketing and 1.5% of revenues on Warranty. Despite the higher cost of marketing, why is warranty considered a cost center, but marketing is not.

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      3 min read

      The Importance of InboundMarketing

      Marketing departments are continuously evolving their marketing mix towards inbound marketing. It takes a variety of skills to get it right and have a supporting team that can deliver.
      Times have changed in Marketing as a whole from what traditional marketing use to be.

      Below are the types of people and skills needed for a great inbound marketing team.

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      3 min read

      Marketing Trends (Ignoring them can be Hazardous to your Site)

      You can now build and create your own crowd to market and sell to without paying the media gate keepers. The social media networks are at our disposal and with the right strategies and or software; we can create brand alertness and access to influencers and decision makers in boardrooms across the world at any time or any place.

      The freedom to take control of your own marketing comes at a cost. That cost is your time. To be effective, it requires using multiple networks, constant content creation and monitoring and managing. It is something that cannot be done in a day or even a year, it is continuous in order for it to be effective.

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