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      3 min read

      Will your Field Service Engineers become Rock Stars in 2020?

      In parallel to the Servitization trend that is occurring within Field Service is a growing desire among Field Service Organization to deliver proactive service. 

      This can be achieved by either attempting to dispatch a technician to resolve a problem before the customer even knows about it or by attempting to resolve or prevent the problem occurring in the first place using remote support tools. 

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      2 min read

      First-Time Fix Rate: The DNA of Field Service

      First-Time Fix is one of the most frequently measured key performance indicators (KPI) used by Field Service Organizations (FSOs). It is a very powerful metric to track. This KPI measures the percentage of times field service engineers (FSEs) are dispatched to a customer site and have the skills and parts with them to resolve the issue on the first visit. It is a powerful metric because it provides an indication of the FSO’s financial and operational health. In this sense, it is like the DNA of field service.

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