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      3 min read

      Revolutionize Customer Experience and Transform Service Performance

      This article is guest post from from Marc Guthrie.  He is COO at Help Lightning

      It was a Saturday morning early last Summer, and I was on the phone with John. John was at his daughter’s birthday party and had stepped out to help me with a problem with my A/C. John has been providing service on my HVAC equipment for me for more than a dozen years. He’s been here several times and knows all the stuff very well. He had a good idea what the problem was and was trying to walk me through the procedure to fix it. It was going to be a brutally hot weekend, and after 10 minutes of effort John said, “Hang on Marc, I’ve got my truck with me. I’ll head on over and get it done.” Hearing the disappointment in his voice, I told him to wait a minute, “I think I’ve got a way for you to do this and still sing ‘Happy Birthday’”…

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      3 min read

      Why B2B Capital Equipment Companies Should Not Automatically Link Performance Pay To Satisfaction Metrics

      Many business leaders link their employee’s variable compensation to satisfaction or loyalty survey results with a view to improving the customer experience provided by their company or just to game the survey results.

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      3 min read

      Why The Customer Experience Should Be At The Heart Of Marketing and Selling Services

      Consumers now reside in a digital world where instant gratification is the new currency. The rise of Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime Now and Uber ensures they can avoid any pain points and get what they want and when they want it in a new on demand economy.

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      5 min read

      What does Connected Customer Experience mean?

      Connected Customer Experience means:

      • Knowing who your customers are, understanding how customers use your products, and being there when customers need help
      • Making it easier to do business with you, implementing customer-centric processes, and eliminating frictions and gaps in the customer interactions
      • Improving customer satisfaction, retaining more of your customers for long term and maximizing the customer lifetime value of the loyal customer base
      • Supporting customers across all channels, devices, and screens, bridging the silos of knowledge, applications, and systems, and connecting all service interactions throughout the customer lifecycle

      We look at five ways Connected Customer Experience enables you to build a sustainable competitive advantage and maximize customer lifetime value.

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      6 min read

      Why is Warranty considered a cost center but Marketing is not?

      Companies spend on average 11% of revenues on marketing and 1.5% of revenues on Warranty. Despite the higher cost of marketing, why is warranty considered a cost center, but marketing is not.

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      3 min read

      Orchestrating the Own stage of Customer Journey

      Gartner has identified that the new buyer’s journey encompasses three simple, but intimately related, parts: Buy, Own, and Advocate. In the article "Improve the Customer Experience by Knowing the (New) Customer Journey, Gartner analyst explains "Today’s customer buying journey spans buying, owning and advocating. It is progressive so that if brands do the right thing in the buy and own stage, they earn customer advocacy."

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      Connected Customer Experience

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