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      Building Material Warranty Management

      3 min read

      Solving Warranty Management Problems – A Peer’s Perspective on Claims Management Automation

      The ongoing problem of managing warranty claims is that it’s a very labor-intensive process

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      3 min read

      How Field Service Operations Should Manage the Pandemic

      During the second half of 2020, your company's field services operations will build its road forward. Initiatives previously tabled for further discussion later are now immediate concerns. Automating knowledge management, service delivery and parts availability for web-based availability, is now top-of-mind. Considering customer access and contact is becoming increasingly difficult, pandemic-fueled necessity is driving attention to cloud-based information access and workflow.

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      4 min read

      Warranty Transformation: From Legacy System to SaaS Solution

      If you are a durable goods manufacturer, then it is likely that your company still operates a legacy system for warranty management. Legacy systems are costly to maintain and modify, since there are very few people inside the organization who remember how the system works Your company must employ people with specialized knowledge of the system, and if they leave the organization, their expertise walks out the door with them.

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      Connected Customer Experience

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