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      3 min read

      The impact of Service Technician on Warranty costs.

      A Service Technician can affect your Warranty costs more than you think. The decisions and actions by a Service Technician (Tech) have a very significant impact the cost of warranty repairs. To reduce warranty costs, warranty and Service departments need to pay more attention to enabling the Tech to make right decisions, capture accurate information, and perform the repairs efficiently.

      The labor time and replacement parts used on warranty claim together represent more than 80% of the claims cost. Labor operation and parts used are based on the decisions made about diagnosis and repair procedure made by the Tech. A technician at a dealership or a service center plays a critical role in:

      • Diagnosis of the problem
      • Decision on repair procedure
      • To repair or replace parts
      • Parts used in the repair
      • Labor operation and time

      Qualified technicians are difficult to find. It is getting even more difficult to stay up-to-date on the products as the products are getting more complex and product lifecycles are getting shorter. How OEMs and dealers enable the Service Technician with right tools and knowledge, can improve the accuracy of diagnosis and selection of repair procedure.

      Companies can improve first-time fix rates by dispatching the right technician, parts, and knowledge required to complete a service job. Companies can prevent the cost of rework and enhance customer satisfaction by having the products up and running in a timely fashion.

      Most companies rely on Failure coding on the claim (Complaint, Cause, Corrective Action) for warranty analysis to improve product quality. The Tech can improve the accuracy of the failure coding and description of repair on Claims.

      Tech with right experience and tools can reduce the number of NTF (No Trouble Found) issues that are a significant cause for concern in improving Supplier cost recovery.

      Companies invest much money in training the service techs, but even more important is how these Techs can access all the knowledge resources on-demand at the point of service. The Techs need an easy and immediate access to the up-to-date knowledge resources including service manuals, service bulletins, diagnostic or error codes and repair procedures.

      The productivity of the techs is important for all stakeholders including the customer, technician, dealer, and OEM. When Tech is already pressed for their time, you cannot expect them to spend significant time navigating through multiple sites with fragmented information. Companies need to provide unified access to all service applications and resources. The mobile phone can be an invaluable tool for the Service Techs that is always with

      OEMs can improve Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Warranty Costs by enabling the Tech have easy and immediate access to:

      In addition to Online tools, Techs also need to be able to get assistance from experts at the company via Technical Assistance Centers. By presenting relevant knowledge topics based on Product and failure description can reduce the number of calls and time to find a resolution. Simplifying access to Help as and when needed using the same application can reduce duplicate data entry and save time for Techs and Support Agents.


      Tech training, certifications and recognition also play an important role in improving the technician performance. Companies can leverage Video based training on mobile devices, tracking the Tech certifications and recognizing Techs based on benchmarking from warranty data to drive performance improvements.

      Mize provides a Mobile Service Technician app to provide convenient and on-demand access to all the service resources for a simple and cost-effective subscription fee.

      Request a Demo today to learn how you can enable and empower your Techs with a unified mobile app and online portal.


      Eric Marlan

      Eric Marlan, a Senior Product Manager with Mize, manages the product roadmap for the Mize Connected Customer Experience platform and Smart Blox modules focused on the areas of Registration, Warranty, Parts, Service Plans, Support, Field Service, and Knowledge.