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      Solving Warranty Management Problems – A Peer’s Perspective on Claims Management Automation

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      The ongoing problem of managing warranty claims is that it’s a very labor-intensive process

      This Warranty Manager peer’s perspective shows his path from problem to solution.

      The Problem

      Vance Thomas, Corporate Warranty Manager for Louisiana Pacific Corporation (LP Corp), a leading manufacturer of innovative building products, was facing many challenges with an aging warranty database, international claims processes, and inefficiencies in reporting/analytics, due to LP Corp’s legacy application managing its warranty processes.

      Thomas’ and his team’s workflow began with phone calls from warranty holders with problems to be investigated and resolved while compiling relevant data highlighting quality issues to share with senior management. The lengthy process battle of validate – investigate – resolve – gather information was a frequent and tedious problem.

      At issue, the claims system was designed in-house and located on internal servers with limited remote accessibility. All data generated by external sources had to be manually entered into the system by office staff resulting in numerous touches slowing the process and creating opportunities for errors.  Additionally, they were using a case management ticketing system, an add-on to another internal software package that was approaching its end of life.

      It was time-consuming and costly for LP Corp to maintain these multiple legacy systems and difficult to find qualified IT resources able to manage these older systems.  Duplication of effort was required to make certain information was accurate, resulting in processing delays. Reporting was problematic, with limited capability for detailed data analysis. Subsequently, the longer claim cycle times resulted in more manager-escalated customer complaints due to growing disaffection with resolution progress, with many early mornings and late nights resolving issues. Additionally, Thomas’ headcount was continually increasing to deal with these process inefficiencies.   

      Quality issue-reporting was problematic with product data, trends, and claims issue information stored in multiple systems and formats, which required an overabundance of time to consolidate into concise reports.

      The Solution

      After an extensive industry search, LP Corp chose to implement a cloud-based, global system, powered by Mize, to optimize warranty claims and customer support processes.  Mize enabled LP Corp to leverage best practices and standardize internal processes across all claim groups.  The Mize system provided flexibility for future operations expansion, along with improvements in analytics and forecasting.

      Mize allowed LP Corp to manage various warranty policies, business rules, workflows, forms, and correspondence templates to meet the needs of multiple regions, product groups, and third-party contractors. With Mize’s Inspections Smart Blox, the LP Corp team can perform field inspections to capture inspection data and photos to support the claim process and generate warranty investigation reports, through an easy to use mobile app.

      All the communication is captured for each case and claim, including emails, comments, and photographs. The Mize application is integrated with SAP for financial and payment transactions.

      Mize Leader in Warranty Management

      The Results

      Mize enabled Thomas’s warranty team to make significant improvements in customer experience, data quality, and analytics. LP Corp has been able to centralize its entire claims process into the single, cloud-based global system making it possible to consolidate offices and for all staff to work from the same database and eliminate efforts duplication. These improvements netted a 15% cost saving in the 1st year for the company. The company projects 3X ROI over the first five years of Mize integration.

      His Story in His Words

      This on-demand webinar recording features Thomas telling his story. Download it today for your benefit.

      Reducing Warranty Cost Webinar

      To learn more about the Mize Building Material Warranty Management Solution, request a demo now.

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