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      3 min read

      Reduce Warranty Costs and Increase Operational Efficiencies with a Fully Mobile Field Service Organization

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      Many Warranty Managers that we at Mize work with often share that field service operations are the most labor-intensive part of their warranty process and are a significant cost driver. The primary reason for this extra cost is due to the field service not being fully integrated into the overall digital warranty processing systems.

      Numerous organizations are still using outdated methods for gathering the field data required to process warranty claims. This critical field data is collected by using the paper method besieged with multiple checklists or time-consuming written reports with attached photographs that are inherently inefficient and prone to errors. This multistep processing is often slowed by having to scan and email large files and requires a duplication of effort with field and back-office administrative personnel having to touch the same data multiple times manually. 

      You can transform this ineffective and inefficient method of processing warranty data with the mobilization of your field service organization.  Here are five benefits of a fully mobile field service team.

      1. Real-Time Communication Loop

      Integrating your field team within your cloud-based warranty system allows for consistent and instant communication between the field and office.  Your field technicians can have direct access to all relevant documents so as not to waste time chasing paperwork.  They can live stream videos directly from the job for diagnostic assistance and permanent problem resolution. Up-to-date notifications can be sent to the field for instant access to new information and immediate feedback. All communication is date stamped and tracked for record retention.

      2. Accurate Data Captured on the Job Site

      Data entry is a critical task for any system to operate effectively. By remotely connecting your field technician into your cloud-based warranty system, it will allow for direct access to predefined forms for easy, accurate data entry.  The advantages of this faster data entry include fewer errors due to the subject matter expert is now entering the information, which reduces the back office administrative expenses. All data is automatically synced to the cloud, and offline access allows for continuous performance regardless of internet connectivity.

      3. Increased Productivity

      The decisions and actions by your field service team can have a significant impact on the speed and success of the final resolution to any claim. Warranty managers need to supply their field technicians with the right tools necessary to perform the inspection or repairs most efficiently while capturing all the required information. Going mobile will minimize downtime with dynamic scheduling and allows the field team access to a full range of smartphone and tablet capabilities, including digital inspection forms, GPS, barcode scanners, and cameras, which significantly increases productivity.

      4. Reduced Costs

      Mobilization of your field team will allow for all inspection results to be captured on any mobile device eliminating the need for paper, PDF, or Excel inspection forms. Relocating data entry to the field increases the technician’s accuracy and removes any duplication of effort from the back office administrative functions. Having all communication and documents retained within the system and remotely accessible eliminates all the wasted time chasing paperwork.  This simplified digital inspection process saves time, resources, and reduces costs.

      5. Improved Customer Satisfaction

      The longer it takes to register, investigate, and resolve a warranty claim, the more it costs, and the more frustrated your customers become and the less likely to buy your products again. By having a seamless integration with field operations for the most effective and efficient warranty service process, you will increase your customer satisfaction with your products and therefore maximize the customer lifetime value.


      Mobilization of your field organization should be part of your strategy to improve operational efficiency, increase worker productivity, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction with your overall warranty process.

      To see how the Mize Product Inspection Management can work for you, request your demo of Mize.

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      Vance Thomas