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      2 min read

      Protect and grow Service Parts Sales

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      During the COVID-19 driven stay-at-home guidelines, eCommerce sites such as, Instacart, and Walmart have seen massive sales growth as everyone turns to online shopping to more safely fulfill their needs. Manufacturers and their distributor and dealer networks can also leverage Parts eCommerce capabilities to sell spares, accessories, and consumables.

      Here are ten things that Service Parts Management experts at Mize have identified to protect and grow your service parts sales and profits. 

      1. Setup online parts site with a Parts Catalog, Ordering for end customers

      2. Streamline delivery and shipping through integration with carriers and forward logistics – even local deliver services (Lyft, Postmates) where appropriate

      3. Enable google like search to simplify finding the right parts

      4. Mobilize Parts Catalogs to enable your teams and Service Techs to identify right parts from anywhere on any device of their choice

      5. Enable Remote Assist with customers and Techs using Live Video or AR/Mixed Reality to help customers to diagnose and identify right parts and repair procedures

      6. Provide a Customer Portal to allow customers the ability to order and track related accessories and parts for specific products they own 

      7. Fulfill Parts delivery under Warranty. Service Contracts and Maintenance Programs to sustain long-term relationships and grow loyalty with customers

      8. Aggregate inventory from dealer locations, service techs to track and locate parts as needed

      9. Digitize interactions with service parts suppliers to ensure the availability of right parts quickly where required during the times of supply chain disruptions

      10. Simplify access to Service Knowledge for self-service by Customers and Service Techs to improve experience and value

      Mize is offering a fast track program to get your parts eCommerce and Catalogs set up in days to address the challenges and opportunities during the current environment. Please Contact Us for a free consultation on how you can protect higher-margin spare parts business by staying connected with your customers virtually.


      Ashok Kartham

      As the Chief Product Officer at Syncron and Founder of Mize, Ashok is a thought leader in the industry. Skilled in Software Lifecycle Management, mobile applications, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Business Intelligence, he shares in-depth knowledge with our readers.