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      Turn Your Post-Sale Services and Warranty Management into a Profit Center: Best Practices from Experienced Global Leaders

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      The ability to deliver a customer-centric experience has quickly become a prerequisite for competing in the global marketplace across most industries, including durable goods manufacturing. Your customers have an ever-growing list of vendors to choose from, and their loyalty to your brand rises and falls with the experience you provide. In fact, according to PwC, 32% of customers will stop doing business with a brand they love after only one negative experience.

      Warranty management is a critical touchpoint with your customers that should be leveraged to help build customer experience as a sustainable differentiator for your organization. Long viewed as a cost center for durable goods manufacturers, post-sale services like warranty management should be viewed and managed as a revenue driver. When optimized, it yields valuable information about your customers, positions you to grow sales of extended warranties and service plans, builds your brand reputation for product reliability and service, contributes to service and parts sales, and helps you increase warranty cost recovery.

      Attend a Can’t-Miss Session to Help Maximize Warranty Management Profitability

      At the upcoming 2021 Warranty Chain Management Conference in Las Vegas from Aug. 29 through Sept. 1, Mize will lead an advanced workshop on Benchmarking and Best Practices to Optimize Global Warranty Management. Presented by Mike Roberts from MR Insights and Mike Stroffolino from Mize, this session provides an opportunity to tap into decades of warranty management experience garnered from Robert’s leadership roles at Ford, SnapOn, 4CS, PTC, and Configt. They’ll dive deep into the strategies and tactics to optimize your warranty management and maximize your service profitability, with actionable advice to help you:

      • Build a gap analysis and business case model with a benchmarking workbook to put your warranty group on the path to warranty management optimization
      • Review and discuss successful real-world warranty management transformation examples
      • Learn how to apply the warranty maturity model in your organization to reduce warranty costs, improve product quality, and generate additional revenue from service contracts

      Explore the Evolution and Current Trends Around Warranty Management

      Mize will share additional insights on warranty management at the conference through a feature presentation led by CEO Ashok Kartham, focused on preparing organizations for current and future trends around warranty and service contracts. Kartham will provide a roadmap for understating key warranty management-related topics, including:

      • How advancements such as web, mobile, cloud, and AI have pushed the industry forward
      • The evolution of warranty management through economic downturns and globalization
      • What’s on the horizon for warranty management with innovations such as IoT, electrical and autonomous products, and AI
      • How to prepare for servitization, Product-as-a-Service (PaaS), and subscription models.

      Learn more, register, and join Mize at the 2021 Warranty Chain Management Conference.


      Gary Napotnik

      Gary Napotnik is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Mize. He is responsible for leading the overall global marketing strategy, branding, and product marketing to achieve Mize’s growth and business objectives. Gary has dedicated his career to building emerging technology marketing practices in the SaaS, IT Security, and GRC industries.