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      1 min read

      Ashok Kartham on Connected Customers Being the Missing Link to Fully Connected Field Service

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      Mize CEO Ashok Kartham Featured Guest of Field Service News Podcast

      Kris Oldland, Editor in Chief of Field Service News recently featured Mize CEO Ashok Kartham on the publication’s podcast, to gain insight into his company’s rapid advances in warranty and service lifecycle management SaaS system for durable goods manufacturers.

      Kartham highlighted investment from M33, which will help the company to accelerate growth, scale faster in customer service due to increasing product demand, and fund further customer acquisition and global expansion.

      He also noted Mize’s focus on delivering the Connected Customer Experience, to enable better service experience to customers in today's connected world, through mobile, IoT and other means. With this capability, Mize helps companies generate more revenue and profitability from their existing install base, generating additional predictable revenue sources for manufacturers of durable goods.ashok

      Kartham addressed his company’s ability to solve a common industry problem: having customer data in multiple, disconnected systems. Mize’s approach to mitigate this problem is connecting these disparate systems with a single unifying platform that integrates with ERP and CRM systems. The platform is powered by the company’s function specific Smart Blox, addressing all touchpoints of service and warranty lifecycles, delivering a more unified experience to end-user customers, and those interacting with them.

      “A trend that we are seeing, is how do we enable technicians on demand to be able to resolve issues faster.” Ashok Kartham, CEO, Mize

      Listen to the Ashok Kartham Field Service News podcast here.

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