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      2 min read

      Mobile Marketing - Growing beyond what we all imagined

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      Did you know “4 in every 5 smartphone users – 96 million in total – accessed content on their device in April 2015” alone. Amazon, which came in as the top retailer with an audience of 59.6 million visitors. Following Amazon were, Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy in terms of smartphone visitors.

      With nearly 96 million Americans alone, now shopping on their smartphones, this pronounced shift in behavior is simply too large for people to ignore, with the future of their business depending on how well they adapt to the new environment.”

      It is a very powerful statement and one that applies to ALL brands, especially when you look at some other stats. This quote is from Forbes:

      “Among all interactive marketing platforms, mobile marketing is expected to grow 58% over the next 3 years with an estimated $9.2 billion being allocated to it by the year 2016”.

      It would appear, however, that despite its projected growth, marketers are going to have a hard time getting a solid handle on things when it comes to mobile marketing but those who do, will have an advantage on their competition according to Donovan:

      “But adapting isn’t always easy, especially when considering the complexity of the mobile environment, which requires optimizing the experience across multiple platforms and for both mobile websites and apps. The business, who best understands how consumers are engaging in mobile behaviors and design their strategies accordingly, will be best positioned to capitalize on these shifting market dynamics.”

      Undoubtedly, the operative word in what Donovan said is “shift.” It is most certainly a “pronounced shift” among consumers who are flocking, to their smartphones to research products, read reviews and or simply view a brand’s website. And make no mistake about it; all of these measures are eventually affecting a consumer’s purchase decision.

      Are you a marketer who’s on top of their mobile game and don’t need reminding of the importance of mobile marketing and mobile advertising?

      Are you a marketer who’s entrusted with a brand who has no mobile presence or has a mobile site which is either not optimized or not mobile-ready?

      Or are you somewhere in between?

      Well as we know, “shift happens and it’s time to change and adjust.”

      The mobile shift is happening right now, before our very own eyes, so take a clear look and act.


      Nancy Defilippis